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Do a new seller can be a best seller withing a week

I am a professional Web developer! I used to work in the local market but now I a really conmfortable and confident to work in the freelancing sector.
How can I really get my gig order faster?


Orders will come when they come. You can, however, improve your chances of receiving orders by working hard to market and promote your gigs/services to the target customer who need them.

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Well that interesting but how to promote with out sending buyer request !!

You can find plenty of suggestions by searching this forum, or conducting an internet search and reading the thousands of articles that are listed among the search results.

YOU are going to have to take the time to learn how to build your own business. We are not going to do the work (or research) for you.

Just 2 examples of how you could market your gigs:

  • share them on your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, …
  • create a website advertising your gigs through blog articles

But as Jonbaas said, there are endless ways to market - just be creative!

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