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Everything is going great but then

My Fiverr experience has been great in the last 2 weeks as a new seller. I got my first gig in 12 hours of being online and have been busy ever since. Of course, my prices are low I’m making like $10 for 5 hours of work. This I can change in time (soon).

Then this buyer wanted me to do a downright racist song, I did a cancelation request but that hurt my stats! Now I’m requesting buyers contact me first to discuss before the purchase. Is this the correct plan of action?


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First off, that client’s order was obviously against the ToS.
Second, I would kindly ask CS to replenish the stats if any of your % got hit outright because of the above.

You can do that but that’s not how Fiverr wants to work, you will still have to deal with people who just place an order out of the blue. A good requirements section with some obligatory fields in the order page is already a better lifesaver because buyers will have to write down stuff properly before the countdown starts.


that’s great advice, I’ll do that. Thank you so much. Ive also noticed buyers try to get me to work for free (almost) with the promise of the next job being a better paying one. I’m learning real fast how this system works. Thanks again for the advise!

Good to know you seem to have declined them:

  1. Do not accept any offer to discount your services or respond to any haggling. Act as if your prices are set in stone.
  2. Do not fall for any “you’ll be tipped” type of scam.
  3. Block/report/label as spam if they so firmly insist on any of the above depending on their behaviour.

This said, always seek for mutual cancellation or through CS, even though you are in the right the type of cancellation that took place is pretty much set. You can revert blows to your stats but mostly if you do it in these two ways, I have no certainty support will be this kind unfortunately so good luck. :frowning:


I will contact CS thank you!

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Update CS was very helpful and now my completion rate is at 100% I’m a new seller (less than 30 days) already on the “trending filter” still working for peanuts though. Paying my dues I guess!


Check this out: Top 5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Badly Behaved Buyers

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