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Facebook expert

i have no order.need to help.and i have no buyer request .am new here.


It takes a lot of effort and patience to be a successful freelancer. Be patient and improve your gigs.

These topics will help you to improve your gig and get orders


i have no order in my gigs

i want to work on order

Did you ask yourself why oneone should order your Gigs? Is there any competition in the market? Are there customers who would need and pay for my service?

You seem to be experienced marketer as desribed in your profile so you may want to use your expertise first. This would likely bring you an order.

In your Facebook gig:

In the standard package you say “instagram and massenger atomated.” - maybe change that.

In the “services I’m providing” bit you say “30 likes” - I don’t think offering likes is allowed.

In your gig image for that gig the word “I” isn’t in upper case. Maybe add some punctuation to the text in the gig image.

In your youtube channel gig:

You say “why i’m stan out:” - maybe change that.

You also say “…created youtube channel and mange them”. Maybe change that.

It also says “services am providing” instead of “services I’m providing”.