Fail to pass review


Please help me guys. My gigs are again and again failing to pass review. My document editing gig always failed to pass review. Please help me.


Duplicate thread - you asked the same thing previously here:


You already have one active text editing gig. Why do you keep trying to create more? And why did you create a new thread on the same topic?


All your document editing gigs are gone - we did warn you that duplicating your gig was a bad idea. :frowning_face:


I didn’t duplicated anything.


I didn’t duplicate anything.


I want to work on document editing. And after all of your information I just create only one gig for document editing. Don’t know why this gig also failed. Other gigs are created before which are denied. I didn’t copied anything.


Because they grew tired of removing all the duplicate gigs that you created? Or because you do have an active gig for editing texts?

I don’t know about gigs (other than the fact that they were duplicates), but you copied your profile description. Numerous freelancers on various platforms are using the exact same profile description. Please keep in mind that plagiarism isn’t allowed.


Fews hours ago I created a editing text gigs. I used my own words. Let see is it allowed or not. All of you my well wisher in fiver. Helping me by giving necessary informations. Thank You.