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Fiverr Buyer Requests Section sucks!

Hi Everyone, I see that nobody ever talked about this on the Fiverr forum. I believe this is the right time to talk about it

I’m in the field of WordPress development. Whenever I open my buyer section, I see that buyers are literally requesting website creation for 5-10 dollars, and guess what? there are over 100 requests sent to buyers from sellers on such budgets. I believe buyers are exploiting this feature. but we can’t complain about it because we are the main culprit

People in this field really needs to level up themselves. Being Indian, I know most of the sellers that agreed on such budgets are from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh

The day you stop agreeing on such budgets, that day such buyers will start to vanish. It’s in our hands

I would love to know about other sellers experience on this thing too


I agree with you. But the Buyer Request section is a good starter for new sellers to make their first sale.

Plus, not all Buyer Requests are as bad as you said.

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I actually have discussed the rock bottom (cheap) offers that exist in the BRs.

I am a web content writer.

The “budgets” posted on the majority of BRs I’ve seen (I refuse to visit it much because it disgusts me so much) are insulting.

Yet, there are Sellers who are FIGHTING to get these low-paying jobs.

BRs in my mind (most of the ones I’ve seen) are posted by Buyers who view Sellers as so desperate for work, that any rate far below reasonable is acceptable.

Sadly, there are Sellers who fit that description and that is why it is the way it is.


Yeah maybe! but I believe a new seller could get lost in the sea of sellers request (If you know what I mean)

There have always been hundreds of requests sent from sellers to buyers for such offers (In such a situation, luck needs to be with you)


Your correct. And I believe most of them are using Template. Today i saw a seller posted he needs a site complete same the site is too big. But his budget is 5$. :rofl: :rofl:

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??? ha?

There is like 100 topics about this, minimum.


It’s a good place to start but definitely no place to hang around too long. Unfortunately, buyers looking for rock bottom prices will always be there to take advantage as long as there are sellers willing to work for peanuts. It doesn’t help the specific craft either. It’s the same in the voiceover section. People looking for audio books of thousands of words for $10 and, unbelievably, they appear to get plenty of offers.


Totally True! It makes me feel sick when I see such offers from Buyers


Haha true! Most of the sellers in this field (WordPress) use prebuilt templates and then claims to be a professional web developer

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Yes. I remember last 6 months, i have applied on 200 requests. They are just helping to leave potential buyer out of fiverr.

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Never came across it, So I had to create a topic on this! @marinapomorac

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For real?


Agree with you! As long as such sellers continue to agree on these prices, such buyers will continue to appear on the buyer request section @leannelrivers

Yes for real! Thank you for mentioning these topics! I will definitely check them out @marinapomorac


We don’t talk about it because we all know that jungle (buyer request) sucks…
This is why we don’t use it.

you are right .we should to do it

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