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Fiverr Did Any Algorithm Update Recently?

Hello Fiverr Sellers,

Greetings! Hope you all are well. I’m a level 2 seller, though I have fulfilled all the requirements for being a TRS.

From last month, I’m seeing that all my GIGs rank, impression, clicks, new orders are going down :sob: day by day. Though I didn’t make any change or edit. Without any reason why this is happening?

Do you know about any new algorithm update or rank up-down factors? Please share :pray: your knowledge on this issue.

Best Regards.


I have read many posts on the Fiverr Forum saying sellers’ gigs have recently been moved to different categories. Maybe that happened to your gigs?

A plethora of us have!

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Recently, I didn’t see any news about it. Could you please tag me on those news?

It was not in any news. It was in a post by @marinapomorac. Marina noticed it.

I found it.

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Fiverr rarely announces changes like that. As @vickiespencer said, other Sellers have mentioned this.

Still: Search results for 'categor category:24 order:latest_topic' - Fiverr Community Forum

The CS said that this is the rotation of GIGs, there’s a lot of Sellers 2 and some TRS in this situation. I hope that the things become work again :slight_smile:

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Yeah alot of people have said that they have be de-ranked so to speak. I think that it might just be happening to you as well. By the way congratulations on fulfilling the requirements to be a TRS

Me too!


Did you get invited to the Seller Success Program yet?

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Thank you! I have checked my GIG category. All are good.

Yes, the same thing happens to me. The gigs in the 1st page could not be find anywhere now.

Hi thanks for asking, no i was not invited to Seller Plus unfortunately. I commented 3 times i think, that mean that they choose who can participate :confused: or they change their plan to invite 200 people.

Maybe they contacted people who do not come to the Fiverr Forum.

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I got no clue, but my gig likes to get random spikes of several thousand every thursday, of all days. I normally get 300-400 impressions. Some algorithm, huh?

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