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Fiverr please listen to your people

In the years that I have in fiverr one of the most unfair things I have seen is that, as fiverr handles cancellations I have had to suffer months to recover from a cancellation, In a single opportunity the client was not happy with the result of the order and wanted to cancel, and that under my sales for more than a month.

I see that all sellers in fiverr complain about the same thing and fiverr does not pay attention to us. I do not say that the support personally handle each cancellation because I am aware that there would be many, but at least give more options when canceling an order, where you can choose if it is a cancellation in good terms and that does not affect your statistics and sales or when it should.


You might want to take a closer look at the level change threads. @mjensen415 IS listening and responding. Fiverr IS “listening to their people”.


well the new upgrade is gud but i believe the kind of importance fiverr is giving to upgrade its seller quality i wish they could also do to empower them here is a solution to a problem tht even they havent thought will definitely occur in the near future wht if a buyer wants to damage a sellers hard earned rep all he/she has to do is go order and when the seller deliver reject or give tht user 1 star now on the other hand if i as seller want to protect myself from tht buyer i cant he again can come order and do the same thing over and over so plz fiverr give us a button so we can block such buyers from placing an order again.

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@luisangelparra @nadir112 there is a poll i created for this topic please vote there and also told suggestion for it .


Please publish the link here

Sometimes a buyer and I cannot resolve an issue, so an order is mutually canceled. Will that affect my order completion and my level?

The order completion rate calculation is based on the number of orders you have completed over the last 60 days. If you consistently provide a quality service—and you only sell a service that you’re able to provide—one canceled order shouldn’t hurt your level status. In general, to keep your current level, you should aim to keep your completion rate above 90% in the past 60 days.

This was published in the new rules of fiverr, but here is not shown is not solved, the impact on impressions of your gig when an order is canceled.

In the statistics of a gig you see the fall of daily impressions when an order is canceled and this is what really affects us, because if our gig is not shown nobody will see it and not ordered anything, we have the level of status that is .

@luisangelparra @nadir112

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Yes, as announced, refunds and cancellations would affect both your order completion rate, and your level.

its a great solution but there is a issue in it the 15min thing wont work what if u r sleeping or ur phone batt is down any of the above and u were not able to accept the order wht then having a short time for accepting or rejecting will have issues instead they should atleast give the seller atleast a 12 hour window and if not replied the order should automatically start in tht

I have only had 5 cancellations out of 150 customers, and a couple was not anything I could have done. However, I don’t consider it an issue. 60 days to keep the cancellation on file before it is wiped off? Seems fair to me.


It’s routine in my line of work to have people asking for things I don’t do because they don’t read the gig description.

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Maybe I am just somehow avoiding the crazies :thinking:

I agree, I think fiverr’s leeway in the new system of up to 10% cancellations (1 order in every 10) is pretty generous and fair and takes into account those problems where canceling is the only thing you can do (which happens to all of us).

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Have you, perhaps, tried offering them something else, within the confines of the order price they paid for? This might be one way to avoid having to cancel an order from someone who didn’t read the directions. Quite often the following could be a simple solution: “I don’t offer that for that service for that price. However, since you have placed an order, and seem to be a bit confused, perhaps we can still salvage this mistaken order, if I offer you this (related) custom service instead?”

By doing this, you’re salvaging an order, while giving the buyer reason to feel special in the process. They likely made a mistake (or failed to read the directions), but you’re still working to make their order beneficial to them, instead of cancelling it and suffering the seller rating consequences. :wink:

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They are the $5 buyers usually who don’t respond to any questions I ask.

I see. Have you tried raising your price to $10? That usually keeps the crazies and buyers who don’t really care to communicate away.

I have exactly the same situation. Someone who is trying reinvented the level system probably has never sold anything on Fiverr and don’t understand how does it work. Why I have to suffer because of some buyers actions (ordering without reading a gig description) which have to lead to mutual cancellation and level decrease.

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@luisangelparra I feel your pain. I just took this poll Order Completion rate and its only One time Solution suggestion Poll and it’s helpful

I stopped contacting Fiverr support since whenever I do they blindly quote their TOS and always decide in favor of buyers. There is no delving into the subject as oppose quoting lines from the Fiverr rulebook.

In short, it is better to comply with a buyer and do whatever they want since in the end Fiverr will side with them no matter if you are right or not. Fiverr is still ages behind the other top freelance sites who have a much better system in handling disputes, feedbacks and reviews from clients & buyers. Oh well, maybe they will catch up soon.