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Fiverr SEO? Is there a trick to it?

I am coming over from youtube where I have learned to work the SEO. I am still not great at it but at least I know what to do to get my videos ranked on the search page. Nothing has made it viral yet but I do have one video that took a while to get where it is about 6 months but it is almost at 10,00 views after tweaking and changing tags. It is an exhausting process, Anyway are there any SEO tips for Fiverr to get ranked on the first page


Check this out:

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Wow, I really wish I’d seen that article years back when I first created my gig… Hadn’t really thought about the fact that the initial gig URL could not be changed! (Not that mine’s particularly problematic, but I would have probably researched a bit more and thought a bit harder about optimising for SEO had I know that!).


I stumbled on it somehow. I am not sure if it works but it is how I set up most of my gig titles. :wink:

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? First, how have I never seen this article posted, and second, why have I never thought to trick it like that?


I think I found it in the old “Fiverr Academy” which is now “Selling on Fiverr.”

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Did not know this article existed haha, they took this from a forum post I wrote 6 years ago! here: TIP: How to SEO your gig from that start

I recommend the official Fiverr podcast I recorded which goes through from start to finish about SEO for your gig (from titles to image names, headline texts etc). This is here: