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Fiverr your own expriance sucess tips

hi fiverr friends . how to success in fiverr .please give your own a best tips everyone .we will try comply your advice …


If you type “fiverr success stories” in the search bar above there are over 50 topics on the subject which you may find interesting.


yes but we need your own tips


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we try to get success tips but don,to give nobody. we hope you are expert person in fiverr .you are regular person in forum .thanks for your sucess

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You need to do some research.

Check this out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!


Be patient.

Offer fair pricing for your products.

Offer quality products.

Always be kind to Buyers (even the ones that tick you off).

Seek to improve your product quality over time.

Pay attention to what your Seller competitors are doing and learn from them (asking this question is a step in that direction).

Be honest.

Expect failures, disappointments and cancellations but also expect successful events as well.

I hope that helps!


Here are my tips.

  1. Do not stay online 25/7. You need your sleep to be productive.

  2. Do not post your gigs all over social media. It is SPAM and besides your friends and relatives are not your target buyers.

  3. Use Buyer Requests ONLY if you can do a great job of fulfilling the buyer’s requirements.

  4. When making offers on Buyer Requests do not use copied and pasted offers. Each Buyer Request is unique and needs a different answer.

  5. Make sure your profile is perfect. Spell everything correctly and use proper English grammar.

  6. Make sure your gig images are different from any other seller and make sure they are eye catching.

  7. Never copy another seller’s gig mages or wording.

  8. Do not do homework for students. This will cause you to lose your gig and maybe even your account.

Anyone else have tips for this seller? (Thank you @looseink for your list.)

@looseink I am going to save my list to a Word Doc to use for future sellers with this question. May I add your suggestions?


In addition to the above-mentioned tips, I will add that cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing your skin (and using sunscreen) can help your skin look better. This will lead to an increased chance of taking a good profile picture if you should wish to do so.


thanks for your your tips .we will try to comply advice it .

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I do all of that, which is why I look so young in my profile pictures that are sketched by @zeus777 :wink:


sir do i can social markating for promot my gig

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Why? I never have and I am successful here. Did you not read my tip #2?

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You do.

If I had Zeus777 draw me, I’d have to pay her extra for the time it’d take to sketch all my wrinkles. :elephant:

sir do i can social markating for promot my gig

Social media works for some people. The problem is most just spam their gigs and annoy people. This interesting write up has a good section on social media marketing (as well as other types of marketing).


nice your topic…

thanks sir…for perfect advice

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thanks for your tips


publish a good gig,do research in other gigs

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sir tips have gave me one person but we don,t know it,s right or not after then for make sure i post in fiverr forum but i don,t get any reaqtion

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