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Getting no orders after advertisement and exhausting all tips found online

Hello, I have recently started a Fiverr gig where I have done everything I could think of or find online to try and get more views/orders, I added a video + 2 pictures, matched related tags with tags in the description/title, added a large/complete FAQ, completed a large description, set overwhelmingly low prices, set short delivery times that will require dedication to fulfill and I filled out my entire Fiverr profile. I even have started a Facebook page and a paid Facebook ad campaign; views, but still no orders.

All in all, I would appreciate it if someone who is experienced on Fiverr would go through my profile and gig, then tell me any issues with the former or the latter, but I would appreciate tips just as much. Thank you in advance!


It really do not work. Facebook audience is too large and facebook targeting is not much optimized.

Maybe try using buyer requests?

Here are some tips I recommend:

The key is time. It can take months to build a reputation