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Got second warning where is not my fault

I got second warning from fiverr and fiverr cc says it’s because of sharing FB link conversation outside fiverr. Before few day’s buyer shared their fb link it self and i reported on that day. I told this to fiverr cc, but they told warning will not remove. Is this the justice? I didn’t share fb link anywhere. Can anyone help me with this because i done so much hard work to reach here.


We cannot do anything to help you with warnings you receive. If you received a warning, it was likely for a good reason, whether you agree or not. If you have concerns about a specific warning, you are going to have to discuss it with CS.

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Simply report the buyer, when he/she share any contact/social media details.

Duplicated topic. :arrow_right: I got second warning but i didn't share any details on fiverr .