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[GUIDE] How to write actionable answers to buyer requests

wonderful article, thank you. :clap:

Very informative. As a new seller this post will help me doing better for the future. I will try to read your all post .

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Thanks a lot for helpful informetion with us.

Good ideas overall, but I disagree with the example you gave of a “perfect” reply.

That’s literally copying a sentence of the original request. It’s inorganic, stiff. Sounds robotic. Personality > everything else, and that reply just doesn’t show personality. I would much rather go with someone who was more original and didn’t copy and paste an entire sentence from my request. Just the word “request” is weird in this context. You need to stand out. Bamboozle the client. Make him curious. Make him contact you, and take it from there. You don’t even need to address the request directly in most cases, you just need to entice them to contact you.

This, of course, if the buyer request was worthy of an answer. They rarely are.

Thanks for suggestions.

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This is how I would submit a proposal for this, I enter the jungle the other day and posted about it here, it’s a realm of insanity from people who can’t be bothered to read what the buyer put.

Hey Leo, aka Mr Radio, did you ever find a writer for this?

I’ve consumed tonnes of Booth Junkie and Bill DeWees videos online, studied acoustics and soundproofing, microphones, interfaces and DAWS. I’ve books on the subject ranging from Peter Dickson’s Voice Over Man, to Stuart Pearce’s Voice Alchemy.

I know the difference densities of materials to build a booth, and where to buy one from when you’re the world’s worst carpenter.

I’ve worked with microphones for over thirty years going back to when I kinda bunked school to do some stuff for the BBC, been a tea boy, admin, presenter and senior management at radio stations and have worked with my voice for much of my life.

To create the ultimate guide would need industry voices to take part, people like George the Tech Whittam on processing to combat poor acoustics, Nancy Wolfson chatting about performance and J Michael Collins on demo tapes, and Kev from ipDTL, or someone from Source Connect on remote connections.

Interviewing these people would be best, transcripts for web teasers selling a book and an audiobook version too.

It’ll be more than 5,000 words, but it’ll be more than the ultimate guide. It’ll be web content, a book, YouTube content and an audio book but I’d need a royalty cut considerate of what I bring to the table.

Let’s talk and make something really cool come from this



Okay, I admit I have industry experience but that is how I would reply to something like that.


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Thank you for given this valuable suggestions. I have already send more then 100 buyer request but didn’t get any good result.

Thanks for very important lesson delivered. Best of luck

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great idea about buyer requests

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