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Has the Covid affected offers on Gigs

Hi, am new to selling on fiverr just begun my journey.
Not easy though, waking up every morning to check on messages and you see a big “No messages”. I open this topic so I could share my experiences for the next 30days and maybe we could help each other.

My friend who convinced me to share my talent on this platform now tells me its because of the outbreak things are getting slow. I guess he might be right


More and more people joinig fiverr these days and you are in competition !

Covid may be the reason but same time Buyers are switching to fiverr to get freelance services…There are lots of similar post where people are complaining about this but I dont think all of us are free and have no work…
People getting work and inquiries, I do too, although not as much as earlier but that is different story !

I read on forum that fiverr is working on its algorithm to introduce paid promotions and other things so that can be another reason…but no one know !

I would suggest you to take help of Buyer’s request section to start, that will probably help !

Thank you so much for sharing this insight sir. Many thanks

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@anamnkion147 welcome

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Why not join in the conversation here: No sales at all, Maybe (COVID-19) is the reason? :frowning:


I am also thinking about this, Maybe for COVID 19.
Fiverr platform became more competitive and hard to get any order.
Idk when this will be an end :frowning:

hi welcome to fiverr forum … :innocent

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Hi welcome to fiverr!

Yeah its effect many. there are many who got more sale right.

As a new seller You have to work really hard for getting order. What that mean Bilawal work really hard?

You have to create all 7 gigs right. But Why?
Because Maybe one of your gig rank and rank mean order sale and $$$$.

Second You have to send the daily 10 buyer request for getting order.
when you get order on gig through buyer request its automaticly rank your gig right.

One more thing you have to what it is?
You have to share your gig on the social media in group there are lots of fiverr group.

I hope this will help you. there are some more trick will share in separate topic about how to create gig.


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Thank you very much bilawal, your insight is very instructive will try to apply this. Thanks once more

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Sorry didn’t see this topic when I came to the forum. Thanks for showing me

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Your Welocome Here to Help new seller! :slight_smile: