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Hello! How does this gig look?

Removed! I don’t want to get into trouble for copyright infringement.


I have no clue :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I mean for starters, I would price the gig at $5 as that current pricing will make buyers think whether it’s worth to buy a product from someone who just started with no reviews.

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Done! Good tip! I reduced the number of days and the cost for my first package. Thank you for the input.

Would look better if you increment the number of words in the description.

I’d add a little more to your gig description. Maybe also think about setting up a new mum themed writing gig. You have a niche and they are as rare as those funny ladybugs with just two spots these days. Also, maybe think about marketing via places like mumsnet.

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How do I increment the numbers?


I meant create a longer description.

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What should I write? I guess I’m just me and I didn’t notice. :slight_smile:

“I Will Be Your 5 Minute Mommy Workout Partner 3 Times A Day”

Hire @cyaxrex for the same if you are willing to invest some dollar into it. He is one of the best writers here.

Search for high ranking exercise and health and lifestyle gigs. Look at how they word and structure their descriptions, what tags they are using (bottom of a gig page beneath the review area) and create your own gig description based on the best ones in your kind of niche.

A lot of people don’t bother to read gig descriptions but a lot more people do and you basically need to introduce yourself, your service, the benefits of it, and why you are generally amazing.

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I would use a different gig image. I am not sure but this image is from a Disney movie if I am not mistaken? If someone is going to report you for copyright infrigment Fiverr is going to ban your gig if not your account.


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You could have an offer to exercise with the mommy on skype as one of your packages.

I just now posted something here and now its gone.

Anyway, you could offer a package where you exercise with the mom, or lead her on some exercises. There are some apps or maybe skype has it where you can have a group discussion on cam and you could lead classes on it for a group exercise class.

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Thank you! I will change it immediately.