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Hello, It is my first time on the forum

Hello, everyone. My name is Auden. I am a translator and writer. I hope I will make some friends here and receive some advice, such as how I can get more attention for my gigs.


You can gain more attention for your gigs by marketing and promoting them to the target customers that need your services.


Thank you for your advice, Jonbaas. But I don’t know where I can market them and how to send my gigs to the prospective clients? Would you mind telling me more? Many thanks.

Do what @jonbaas advised. This tpic will help you to do so


@hazel_justin131 Thank you for the response.

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Market your services where your target customers will see them. Find and develop creative strategies that those prospective customers relate to. I’m not going to tell you where and how to do that, because that is for you to determine. You are the freelance businessman who is building your own consumer base. Only you know who you are trying to connect to, and only you can do the research to determine how YOU can best connect to those people.

There are no easy ways to become a successful freelancer. Research, action, and perseverance are the first steps you need to take – YOU, not me.

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Thank you for the advice, Jonbaas.

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