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Hello there! I am new seller, how can I promote my Fiverr Account?

Hello there!

I am a skillful web designer and WordPress expert with up to two years of experience.
how can I promote my Fiverr Account ? Please I want help from my elder brothers.


Do you have older brother? Is he on Fiverr forum? Why don’t you ask him personally how can he help you?
How many brothers do you have?

Calling people brothers in your culture is maybe Ok but in world wide business not so much.

Promote your skills online, create landing page, use social media (get SM manager).


Hello, [marinapomorac]
Thanks For Advice, In fact, I don’t have any older brothers in Fiverr forum.
I mean older brothers who are old and experienced in Fiverr.
I hope you understand

Thank You


Try reading more than an hour of the forum.

Use the SEARCH function as “how to promote my Fiverr account” is a topic that has been discussed over and over. Even some “bros” have chimed in.

As another said here, you may want to refrain from calling people you do not know and are certainly NOT related to “brother” here in the forum. While in your culture/country, this may seem respectful or kinda cool, to a lot of people, it just screams “unprofessional”. You are on a global platform here - not everyone is privy to your culture.



Thanks For very important Advice.

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First tip of advice. Don’t resort to anyone here at fiverr as your brother, bro, sir, or any of those subtitles.

As someone said above. It may be okay where you’re from. But it sounds very unprofessional.

Just letting you know. Have a good day.


Check this out: Want More Sales? .... No Sir!

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Big or little brother is not a big problem.
** He did not understand it. that’s ok.**

you can promote your gig on Facebook, quora, or another platform without google Adword because Fiverr TOS telling the seller don’t promote your gig on google Adword.

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Maybe not for you, as it would appear you are probably from his culture. But to others around the world, we do not refer to others in a professional setting as brother, sister, dear, buddy, sir, madam, honey, sweetie, babe etc


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Thanks For Your Impotent Advice.

Thanks For Your Impotent Advice.

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Welcome to Fiverr Forum :grinning:
I hope below tips will help you to get more orders

1.Be active on Fiverr
2.Share your gigs on social media
3.Be active at Fiverr Forum
4.First communicate with buyer (mobile app can help you for this)
5.Show live sample to clients to get first order :grinning::grinning:

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You can use Social media, Quora and Wordpress community forums. Good luck

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