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Help me with some basic information


Fiverr has ever been level 6 batch?
Someone said he was level 6 seller with 40-50 reviews at 2013 then he deactivated his account. Is that possible? Or he was lying?

And another thing. My buyer give me an order and told me after this order we will start another work. Then i delivered but he didn’t mark that as completed. I asked for it said he did (but he not). Then i just said okay maybe fiverr taking some time to mark as complete it… then we started working on another order. But still the previous order not yet mark as complete. Might he forgot to mark that as complete. So my question is, Is that okay to work on another order from same buyer when previous ain’t completed yet???


here is more information


That’s not very helpful for this thread. He asked a specific question that’s not answered by “becoming a top-rated seller”.
I’m pretty sure the situation you described is okay, but I’m not 100% sure. Maybe someone else in the forum could answer this (and the Level 6 thing, although since that was back in 2013 I’m not sure how relevant it is right now).

  1. There has never been Level 6 on Fiverr.

  2. If you have delivered through the Deliver Now button, and the buyer doesn’t request a modification, the order will be automatically marked as complete after 3 days (you can find this information in Fiverr’s Terms of Service; I suggest you read them thoroughly, as that will give you a lot of information about how Fiverr works).

  3. Some buyers will place several orders at once. Yes, it’s ok to work on another order from the same buyer if the previous one haven’t been marked as complete yet, unless you have a reason to be suspicious about the buyer. Also, if the second order is already placed, you have to deliver it before the deadline, or you could get a negative review for late delivery.


Thanks man. I was looking for this no 3 information.