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Hi i am new seller in fiverr

Hi everyone i am new seller i have create 5 gig but no orders place me
please help me. i have happy to meet you


hey @faizulislam8
nice to meet you & welcome to our best community.
bro, I will give you some instructions which will help you to get orders.
1; Try to active on Fiverr & the Fiverr forum.
2; Use standard gig title & good looking & attractive gig images on your gig, use best SEO gig title & SEO keywords which is much more important to your gig rank & get orders.
3: always make social media twice in a day on every social media, it will help you to gain new buyers. it also ranks you gig
4: Gain very good skills, make good communication with your buyer & make them 100% satisfied. it will help you to get more orders
If you follow this instruction, I hope you can get orders & make a good gig ranks

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thanks i have happy to meet you ar_tusar

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@faizulislam8 most welcome. I also very happy to meet with you

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Hey, @faizulislam8 welcome to the forum.

Please edit the topic category to Your Fiverr Experience > Improve My Gig

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Thank you so much for your valuable instructions

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It took me 45 days to get my first order. :roll_eyes:

While I waited for an order, I looked at the gigs of successful sellers. I worked at making my gigs more like theirs. However, if you choose to do this, be sure not to copy anyone’s wording or images as that is against Fiverr TOS. :grimacing:

I belive ( though i also a newbie),

  1. Good title
  2. Good seo
  3. clear and impressive description
  4. good and attractive image with attractive color and image qulity
  5. 3 pricing system
  6. Clear all feature
  7. 12-15 hrs active in fiver and forum
  8. marketing this gig in social media
  9. if no impression after 1 week then change title or catagory or see other example
  10. Focus on buyer request
  11. Firstly give services slightly low price than the actual price which should be standard
  12. Increase english vocabulary to impress your client by your language
  13. Increase your demo work (working experience different portfolio site)

Be patient :slight_smile: success 12 legs behinds. (think and grow rich)

Not a bad summary list, though some are more important than others and some depend on the category of a gig. For example, number 5 heavily depends on what you’re offering. Quality vs quantity is the base for deciding if you should offer multiple packages. ((PPD) point one). (Point 7 depends on priorities, aka ‘don’t quit your day-job’). Also, the FAQ section is underused in gigs, and clearly defining what counts as a revision can save a seller a lot of trouble down the road. Lastly and possibly most important is research and planning, planning and research, and revising plans based on the research. (Did I mention research and planning?)

There are a few other things, but as I said, it’s a good list of basics.

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you are not wrong. i give some preliminary idea. Thank you so much to enhance my believe and idea.