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Hope Fiverr Works for a Newbie

Hello Everyone,

I just joined Fiverr and after posting two gigs I am wondering if it works for beginners without any special kind of hack or something.

First of all, let me introduce myself. I am currently running an e-commerce store in the USA, started it a year back. Just the last month it crossed Break-Even Sales limit. Hoping it will do great this month, but the results of starting a few days got me worried. So, I thought to use the skills that I learned over the past two years to stabilize my finance for the next few months before the business really takes off.

In the last two years, apart from handling my store, I have worked with multiple startups, having a diverse range of work. But Graphic Designing & Photo Manipulation became closest to my heart and the finest skills.

Let’s see what Fiverr can provide a newly arrived artist and hey lovely people out there let’s connect.


Congrats !! Lucky Man, Keep it up… and also pray for me i did not get any work

Thanks. since when you joined and how many gigs you created since then?

7 gigs i have created

Hi @imneerajpatel,

This is me, Maitasun, welcoming you to Fiver, to the forum, and giving you the same advice as to other new members. :slightly_smiling_face:

Take some time to search the forum, it has plenty of useful information, and be sure to read the following topic: Forum Rules + Do’s and Dont’s

Please don’t forget to carefully read Fiverr’s TOS to avoid getting into trouble. You’ll find it at the bottom of Fiverr’s main page.

Also, here’s a link for a free course provided by Fiverr, please check it out, you might find it helpful. :wink:

I have almost done everything, but no result yet

Hi there @imneerajpatel Welcome to Fiverr and the community, I wish you a pleasant journey. :smiley:

Best of luck to your blooming career.

Warmly, Humberto