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How can I grow my business from a single order to a top rated seller?

Just joined Fiverr and got 3 orders in a month
How can I grow my business?
Any tips you have from your experience

Keep good working and it will automatically grow up.


I think I won’t without hardwork
Also the live portfolio images are not related reducing the chance of me getting a order.
Do you have any tips? Like promoting gigs.
My main problem is that I get around 200 impressions a day but I get only 11 click’s. The main gig I Have has 2.6k impressions, 55 clicks and 3 orders. My images are attractive but people don’t click it. Do you have tips?

I think, It’s good enough.


Thanks tough really appreciate it

In my opinion, you are actually doing GREAT! Some wait months to get their first order and some don’t even get clicks in weeks. So, you’re definitely on the right track. Keep it up and learn patience.

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thanks a lot belyndab,
The main reason I got three orders is because a buyer ordered twice because she like my work.
I guess its luck.


Thanks a lot for the advice