How i get the first order, need suggesition


Hi, I am Bipul Sarkar.
I have completed my graduation from Computer Science and Engineering department. Now i am working in a software company. I have a lots of working experience in web design and web development. My working area is HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, AJAX.

I am new here. so i need suggestion from experienced people how i get the first order from here.

I am waiting for your suggestion.



You got some really good answers when you posted the same question a couple of weeks ago:


Sell something for $5 first.


@offlinehelpers He didn’t post it couple of weeks ago, he posted it in June last year. And he still has zero sales, possibly because his prices are way too high for someone with no reviews.


You’re quite right on both counts - well spotted!


Might be better to try it a different way - you won’t get buyers for the prices you want to charge without any feedback I’m afraid.


yes, with good answers that time i also got some response from few buyer. but fortunately their demand was so so high thats why i am not dealing with them :pensive: now i am more experienced and trying to buyer attraction in the same way :stuck_out_tongue:


Well @catwriter is right about the prices. As a user on fiverr with no reviews at all, your prices are way too high. Try to lower them and wait to change them until you reach Level two. At start to build your profile ( in terms of some good reviews), you have to bear some things.


How do the buyers know you are more experienced to justify your charges? You’ve got no reviews.


Stay online on Fiverr and send offers to “Buyer Requests”, also it’s important to create creative gigs with details and also share some of your works!

Create gig for ex. to create websites, fix errors, edit websites and other things that you can do!

Best wishes!


now i realize the price problem of my gig :unamused: / thanks all for valuable comment :slight_smile:


I don’t know about other people but I got my first customer from twitter.Don’t just rely on buyer request I know it is the most reliable-able thing to get orders, but if you are in search of larger audience you have to explore different things.Set a nice twitter account try to reach out people in the same criteria.Make Youtube videos.There are lot more things you can do but don’t get overwhelmed by those.


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