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How long did it take to get the first order?!

Hello! My name is Jubayer Ahmed. :blush:

Almost 20 days ago I started my first journey at Fiverr. Still I didn’t get my first order! so I am little bit upset. :slightly_smiling_face:

However, I am very hopeful that I will get my first order very soon. Please share your experience about your first order. So that I can get inspiration from you. Thanks :heart:


You can share your gig in social media and also send at least 10 buyer request everyday. You can get buyers from buyer request. Carefully send the request details as per buyer requirements. Spend more time in fiverr and fiverr forum also.


Don’t worry about getting the order. Because Fiverr is the best market place for new freelancers. They can give chance for a growing new freelancer. You can follow these for getting your first order.

  1. Active at Fiverr seller account and regular active at Fiverr forum. Because When you active the Fiverr forum you get enough knowledge at the Fiverr market place to grow.
  2. Regular develop your skill.
  3. Share your gig on social media. But don’t spam.
  4. Send 10 buyer requests Per day for getting a job. If you send perfect buyer requests and the buyer can knock you for a job or interview you have a chance for getting a job.
  5. All of the above need more patience.



These articles may help you .

It took me kind of much like a month, I don’t remember well.

I remember that when I began nobody would pay me attention. I used to be like “heck, I would do anything to get even one order”. I decided to research the most I could and I optimized my gig with everything I learned. A week later the first order arrived and I was happy.

Soon your lucky day will come. Just work right for it to come.


34 days and within 8 more days I had got 3 orders and 2 reviews each $10


Yes I am doing the same. I already sent 40 buyer request.

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Thank you so much. :heart:

Thanks for sharing your experience.

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Thanks for sharing your story! One thing I wanna know that how can I increase my gig’s click ?

Put a lot of effort on your gig’s image. That’s what makes buyers click.

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thanks for your opinion :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

no problem. stay active here and in fiverr. hope u will get order soon.

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Thank you for sharing your inspirational story.

Welcom to fiverr forum.
1.Online maximum time
2.Send 10 buyer request everyday
3.share your gig on social media