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How Long Does It Typically Take To Receive Your First Order?

Hi Everyone,

I just joined Fiverr recently and have posted a few gigs. I noticed I have about 60+ impressions from the 3 gigs I posted, but have no orders as of yet.

I was wondering what’s the average time one would receive their first order?


It might take days,months, or you might never recieve it. You should try sending buyer requests as much as possible.


Try to respond Buyer Requests, I remember, I started working in January 2020 and I got my first sale on 12th day of waiting and the buyer was from the buyer requests to which I responded.


so is there any way to get more buyers request?

There is no average time. Some sellers get first order within 1 or 2 days. Sometime it will take 1 month.


ensure you are online in order to get more buyer requests.

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Oh ok, I figured as much that it could take sometime. I would like to send buyer request as well, but I’m not financially able to do at the moment.

I only started on this past Sunday (27th September) and have only seen 2 buyer request orders for gigs beyond my skillset (I’m not an architect or a proofreader :sweat_smile:). Is there a way I can improve my chances of seeing more buyer requests?

You should try sending buyer requests as much as possible.

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Hi Jess,
There is no fixed rule, and no fixed waiting time after which we receive our first order. I remember I made account in January 2020 and by the end of February 2020 I could complete all my 7 gigs. On 27th Feb,2020 I got my first order. You can see it was not a long wait but still I was worried like you.
Also keep sending the buyer requests.
My next order was from my offer.
So focus to complete your gigs.


Thanks for the info, it is well received. My question is, with buyer requests, do I need to pay in order to send them?

No, you do not have to pay to make an offer. You are, however, limited to sending 10 offers per day.

Have you read this thread yet?

this is very helpful information, thanks for the link to the article. Is there any further information on self-promotion?

I know being on social media may be very helpful, but I only use LinkedIn as I don’t find the other social media networks useful. Has anyone had success with Dribble?

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You should wait for the more GiG impression and also you should GiG marketing as a routing works. Automatically GIG impression increases.

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I received my first order 6 months after the release of Gig.

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thanks for the article links, I’ll check them out :slightly_smiling_face:

Open 7 gigs in one category and under 7 subcategories. Place a gig in other subsections. To get more buyer request.


Hi Jess_wats,
We are not supposed to pay for sending our offers to buyer requests. It is another plus point of Fiverr that I like most and we miss this opportunity on other platforms.



Depends on your GiG Impression, Tag Settings and How long Stay with Fiverr.