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How many of you do this for a living?


I am curious how many of you do fiverr for a living or freelancing and have any advice to someone who wants to do it for a living as a graphic designer / web designer?

Any designer out there willing to be a mentor to someone who is extremely passionate about this?


This might answer your question partially


I also do it for a living. So it’s possible to do it for a living.


The great thing I find is that some clients actually use some seller over and over again. That is something amazing to experience.


thank you, that does help.


I am
From 2015. :blush:


I do “it” for a living. By “it” I mean freelancing. I’m self-employed and have my own media company handling voiceover and video work.
I got into fiverr about 3 years ago to build up my portfolios as I was starting out on my own…and never left.
Best of luck to you!


I do “it” (freelancing) for a living too. But “it” is not the only thing I do. :slight_smile: