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How much does it cost to get this level of quality? Are sellers refusing to be honest about quality?


How much does this level of quality cost? The two sample images are the perfect quality I’m looking for, but I am trying to amass a collection of this symbol, but with different magic & elemental themes.
Maybe I am not getting the results I want because I am not paying enough. So I want to ask the community, ‘how much does this cost’? It’s a hard job to compare to anything.
These designs are for custom deck themes for a card game. A player can print their deck with one of these designs on the back. Another useful way to come up with a design is to think of this symbol as something being used in a very animated magic spell, or forged out of some energy.
I feel like artists know what I’m talking about, but are refusing to be honest because they just want to steal my money and return low quality work. Has anyone else felt like this?



Probably only $10 if you get the right designer. You would need to give him a copy of the design of course and he would add various backgrounds and foregrounds.


Notice how no one wants to take this job.


I agree, you could probably get something of that quality from $5-30, but you might have to do some vetting. Anyone can create an account on Fiverr, so unfortunately the chances are higher that you run into a few duds before hiring a diamond. It’s different for everyone. There are skilled sellers in every category, so the right fit is out there, I’m sorry you’ve had bad experiences thus far.

Also, I’m not sure what you mean about ‘Notice how no one wants to take this job’, as the forum isn’t where people bid for jobs or solicit their services. You are better off submitting a request a quote/buyers request if you want to incur tangible interest on your job. Or, feel free to message a seller first and typically you can tell what kind of quality they’ll produce based on how they respond to inquiries.


The surprising thing indeed is that seemingly nobody from the over crowded design category is jumping on that train in the form of a comment. Normally they are all over the place and offering unlimited revisions, spam inboxes etc.


Price should be around $50 minimum if it is for a deck printing.
This work is in 2D and 3D customized with abstract. Try to hire someone who know this field. :grinning:


I was just about to say I would expect at least $50 each if these designs are completely original.
If a template is used for the background then probably considerably less.

Imagine the mind that comes up with this type of creative image! The experience necessary to know what will work and have the vision to create something like the second image - I simply cannot imagine how they do it. Now I’m thinking $50 seems too little…

@mariokluser I would imagine that the line:

I feel like artists know what I’m talking about, but are refusing to be honest because they just want to steal my money and return low quality work

would put quite a few off it.


Edited: Sorry, I read your post as if you were looking for someone to create something similar.


If you are getting 100% original work. you shouldn’t be squabbling about price on this.

It’s a completely different field but I often get asked to write the same piece of text 10-20 times in a way that it has to be unique. After 5 writes, I’m creatively exhausted. In this case, the remaining rewrites take a lot longer and I should charge more for them but it is impossible to let buyers know just how much work and effort is actually involved.


I think it should be more expensive.


It depends on the seller you get. The one I know who does this would not be more than $10 probably.


Can you please pm me his gig? I need several done as well.


I’m not squabbling about the price. I’m trying to figure out why no one else will produce this level of quality. I can pay $20 and $30, but still no one will produce anything near the $3 gold and silver one. Most artists on this site just do flat work and run away.

I’m asking for a price because I want an honest answer. I’m trying to sort out if this is an issue of someone capability or if they aren’t being paid enough. They all say “Oh yes, yes sir, I can produce at that level of quality” and then I get something back that looks like it was done in microsoft paint.

Notice that not a single artist has taken this job.

A highschool student created the gold and silver design and did it in a matter of minutes in front of me. Everyone else takes days and I get this


I’m wondering what you mean by this level of quality. It is a design which I guess you would supply since you already have that central design with a variety foregrounds and backgrounds which would be added. It doesn’t look like anything difficult to me aside from where the foregrounds blend into the design and even that isn’t that much work.

It looks like regularly good quality but nothing fantastic. It’s a ten dollar job for a skilled designer who knows Photoshop well and lives in a country with an economy where $10 is considered good money.


Well. I have a lot of people arguing that there’s no quality difference in these designs.

I guess that’s because they’re trying to promote low expectations


No, it’s not because of low expectations at all - we don’t know what you asked for, therefore we can’t say if they’re ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

We can’t comment on whether these images met or surpassed your expectations - only you can determine that.


As experienced graphic designers, we would charge you at least 50$ for this design made from scratch.
Here’s why not 5$-10$? :thinking:

  • We deliver in Vector, thus you can resize to any size you want without loosing any Quality!
  • We provide all the Editable Vector Source files & all other files including mock-up.
  • We provide Unlimited Revisions & Priority Support.

The main element ain’t hard to design. It’s basically a simple graphic element mock-up into number of backgrounds, Textures & effects.


Not a designer but I agree it shouldn’t be anywhere near $5 or $10 :slight_smile:


Not really sure why people that have 0 experience in design are throwing around guesstimates on this here thread.

Everyone is definitely entitled to their opinion, but guessing that this work shouldn’t be over $10-$20 is beyond ridiculous.