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How often do you cancel orders?

So I had to cancel TWO orders back to back. I have never had this experience and I am really stressing that it will hurt my standings, and they were for $5 orders! It’s so annoying… One person wanted me to give them a 1000 word blog post but my normal price is $5 for 300, I said he can buy an extra but he refused and said “I will find someone worth my time.” So we cancelled .

Then, the second RIGHT after him wanted me to add pictures for her blog posts (I normally charge extra but was too worried about asking her to buy an extra because of the last guy so just did them anyways). Now she asked for a revision and wanted pictures WAY too specific, like. They don’t even exist specific. I searched. I already finished the order and delivered, I put in a lot of work for it but I feel like she is going to leave a bad review since I told her I couldn’t find the pictures she wanted. So I just sent in a cancellation request.

I know I might sound whiny, but I really am just so mad right now and want to know if I am making way to big a deal over two small cancelled orders.

My first cancellation in 2 months - a buyer had placed an order, I delivered it and then they placed another order but with no instructions. Later I got a cancellation request on the second order - they had placed it because they forgot they had already paid for the first order.
Not only should Fiverr ensure that this cancellation does not affect me, they should also send at least one employee around to the buyer’s house to knock on their door and then just stand there shaking his head when the buyer answers.


Not much you can do except whine and stab some more needles into your awful buyer voodoo doll.


But seriously. Haha I might have to purchase one of those “curse an enemy” gigs.

Edit 1: I am not trying to sound offensive. I know that it is a real craft and requires a lot of work and technique. I would never want to offend anyone.

Woah there Mady, there are people who actually may provide those services here on Fiverr, you may wish to retract your statement so as to not offend them… :fire: (or get secretly :flag_black:ed)

It was offensive? I honestly was not meaning for it to sound like that! I edited it though, thank you. The last thing I want to do is offend someone.

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Smart choice. :wink: lol

But have you ever had to cancel multiple orders? I’m still worried about it. Haha

Yes plenty.

Ok, where to start with cancellations.

First off, EVERY cancellations hurt now, it’s the reason you use to cancel that dictates the weight of the cancellation.

If you haven’t already, you may wish to read up on this thread here:

Fiverr CS will basically tell you try to resolve the issue until you are almost or are :skull_crossbones:.

Basically, they want you to NOT cancel in simple terms and take one for the team if you have to.

Your first cancellation was a jerky situation, so no comments on that.

On the second one, you could have told her that:
“For adding pictures I charge extras because that falls beyond the scope of this order. However, I can take care of this for you this one time at no extra cost”

Since you already decided to do so, you could have said something like that. That way even though you are giving away something for free, you have added a “Value” to it.
It serves two purpose, one, you are providing good customer service, two, it’s an automatic CYA, where in the event the buyer comes back bitchin about it, you can say that you should have charge for that but you didn’t and blah blah blah… Basically it’s a game of Psyching out your opponent.

I am really cutting my advice here short, because it’s late night, Im wired and tired, but hope you caught my drift. :wink:


This is also really useful for making the buyer look like a huge douchewaddle if they leave a 1-star review and you imgur it professionally with only the lightest of martyred sighs. Potential buyers will see it and think “wow, what a colossal twit this buyer is!”

Anyone who doesn’t won’t order, and you have fenced of a potential bad buyer effortlessly. Turn those problems into assets!


Thankyou so much for taking the time to explain it though, even if it is late. I’ll read what you attached, I checked the search engine before making a new thread but never saw that one! Thankyou!!

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Thankyou so much! Ya, I guess I should have said something about that first, and I should stop worrying about bad reviews. Especially if I work hard and they don’t respect the terms of the order. It won’t be my fault. Haha

Ah, the nightmare if the unjust cancellation consequences…

I’m attempting not to hit the cancellation button at all at the mo. The only problem is that it is sometimes unavoidable. Some buyers should just be skinned alive or chained to a rock in order to have their livers pecked out every day by harpies.

I might cancel maybe 10-15 orders a month. Some people don’t pay attention to my gig requirements or their questions are some stupid, like who will win March Madness or something


Where can I find cancellation numbers stats (not %), they have change it now.

Hey Jen,
So… Who will win March Madness again? :thinking:

I’ve got $500 :dollar: on the line…

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What is March Madness?


A European.

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March Madness is a time of the year when you are not allowed to watch any of your favorite movies, streaming shows, TV programs, news, weather, or anything else. The reason you are not allowed is because your significant other is using the GOOD TV for Very Important Reasons for hours and hours and hours.


A Basketball Widow


Ok, and you haven’t noticed your sales declining?

Oh March Madness… They call it “madness” for a reason. I once had a professor who would give us extra credit for how many game outcomes we guessed correctly. Like, isn’t that not allowed? Haha. He’d print off brackets for us and everything.

Ugh, sport.

I sympathize with all basketball widows out there. May your time come in the near future when it’s your turn to completely hog the TV for your niche interest.

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