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How to fix fiverr "Promoted gig unqualified" issue? And how to rank up my gig to first page again?

How to fix fiverr “Promoted gig unqualified” issue? And how to rank up my gig to first page again?

I don’t know too much but don’t edit your gig. It’s the first solution until back to normal.

Make sure you are qualified for Promoted Gigs:

  • You are a Level 1, Level 2, or Top Rated seller.
  • Your Gig scores are 4.7 in the public rating.
  • Your Gig has at least 20 reviews.
  • You meet additional quality metrics.

The above is from Fiverr Help and Education Center

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Yes I know it. I’m level 2 seller and have 400+ reviews. But suddenly they removed my promoted gig option and it says “your gig are unqualified” and no my gig moved first page to last page. Anyone solved this problem ?

It seems to me the problem is not solvable. My promoted gigs work intermittently. I am Level 2 and meet all the clearly stated transparent qualifications. Apparently there are some additional qualifications they don’t want to be transparent about, and I’d bet anything the hang up is in these “additional quality metrics.” Its really hard to fix a problem if you don’t know what that problem is; the only answer I can come up with is that there would be an outcry if they made these additional quality metrics public and transparent. I have a 4.9/5.0 average rating (5.0 when I log in and look at my profile privately, but it changes to 4.9 when I look at it as the public sees it)…

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