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How to react if buyer leaves a low rating?

My last buyer left me a 3.7-star rating when I did everything he asked! Now I don’t know how to react to that or what to say in my review as a seller there! Can anyone tell me if I should say anything to him or just leave it there!

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I’ve been in a similar situation as you. This may help!

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Properly ask him to reconsider the review. Most of the buyers don’t understand how much to rate in fiverr. As in many other sites 3.7 is a good rating, they thinks it’s enough for here too.

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It really helped, thanks a lot. I’m exactly in the same situation as yours. This buyer also came up with something new with every revision and I did everything he asked. But still left a low rating!
Can you tell me what did you say in your review as a seller in that case?

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In my case, I said in my review back , I’m sorry to hear you had a poor experience, (since Fiverr automatically generated that response due to a low rating) I’d be happy to revise if you’d like me too. It was frustrating but sometimes in Fiverr situations you have to bite the bullet. However, he never reached back out and I didn’t personally contact him.

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Once I had an experience like this. I gave him an 1 star (it doesn’t matter though).

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okay. But I’ve been reading some posts similar to this post and some people were saying that contacting the buyer about this negative review could make the buyer feel uncomfortable! And I don’t wanna do that! I was just wondering what to say in my review comment politely. so that he and my future buyers(when anyone is going to check my old reviews) could understand that even though its a 3.7-star rating, I tried my best to work it out with the buyer.

I was thinking about saying this in there, with a 5 star review as a seller and this in the comment -
_"Based on your review, I’m really disappointed that my service was not good enough for you, I see that you’ve given me a 3.7-star rating and it’s not good enough here in fiverr! Let me know if there’s anything I could do to solve this. I would really love to help you out with anything you need. "_

But not sure actually! Can you tell me what you think about this?

That would only make it seem like your one of the sellers who open themselves up to abuse by obsessing about perfect reviews!


Just rise above it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Leave 5 stars, and the sort of review you would usually leave for an excellent review.

3.7 is not a negative review, and you’ll look a bit petty if you mention it to be honest.


Instead of saying it’s not good enough (because they could take it wrong) perhaps say something like I strive to complete nothing less than excellent work here on Fiverr. And leaving out the last sentence (optional) since you pretty much already said you would so it doesn’t seem to buyers in the future that you’ll just do work for free if they’re not happy. Some buyers will take advantage of that.

Edit: In the end you need to handle it the way you feel most comfortable for your fiverr career. Our opinions are options but what feels right to you is the solution.

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True that! I’m confused here actually! Never been in this kind of situation before.

How? You deal with it.

I can agree with this too for sure. :slight_smile:


I see the buyer wrote:



What’s the meaning of this word is the bigger question?

Kola nut
Kool aid


True! I mean Who says koooooola! in their review! If he didn’t leave this low rating, then I would’ve asked him about the meaning of this new word! Lol! But now theres no point of being friendly with this guy I guess!

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Thanks everyone for taking your time to reply to this post. After reading all these comments. I guess Its better to just leave a 5 star and say the usual saying on the comment.

Thanks again to everyone for helping me out.


It happened to me yesterday.
The buyer gave 4 stars for Communication and 4 stars for Service as Described

I simply thanked the buyer for his review and asked him what wasn’t perfect and I told him that :

  • we exchanged more than 10 messages before and during the order (no problem of communication)
  • I delivered more than what he paid (no problem about Service as Described)
  • my gig includes one free revision and if he needs any revision he can simply click on the revision button and I will change my work.

He had no answer except : Dear, between 4 and 5 it’s the same thing, you did a really good job, I will order to you in the future.

Then I explained him that his words were very nice but that he was punishing me with the 4 stars because buyers are mostly looking for 5 stars sellers and that I will certainly loose some business because of the 4 stars. So, I asked him to give me clear explanations him to understand what wasn’t perfect and to improve in the future.

Then he asked me if it was possible to change the review and I went on fiverr’s forum to know how a buyer can change a review and I discovered that I have to open a dispute. So I sent him a message and explained him that he will receive a “dispute” message. And finally he gave me 5 stars.

From this experience I would tell you : ask him some explanations.

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You might loose some business due to a 4 star rating, on the other hand you might loose some business by only having perfect ratings. Some of my repeat buyers mentioned that one of the reason why they stuck with me year after year was that i never bothered them about ratings.


I know when I make a very good job and when my job is good. I know that for this client I did a really really really good job.

Until now, it’s the 1st time I had to talk about rating with a buyer. I have more than 50 ratings and never get back to client to get a review if they don’t leave a review by themselves.
Believe me, if I though I didn’t deserve 5 star on this order I wouldn’t have talked about rating with this client. I never asked the buyer to change the review. I only asked him an explanation and I was surprised that he asked me how to change the review. I never suggested him to change the review because I thought it was forbidden by TOS to ask a change to buyers.

You can think that I bother him but I think it’s more professional to ask a client why he isn’t 100% satisfied and to remind him that there is a free revision than to say nothing and let the client with a non perfect job or the idea that the job is not perfect.