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How to safe in bad buyer?

I am new seller. Recently I got few order. but there one buyer give bad review. but other buyer get positive review, I am always try to give for best quality, yet why he give negative review? there have unlimited revision but don’t want any revision. why it occurs?


Try reading this to help

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You are working with the entire Globe, and that’s a lot of people you’re trying to satisfy. After 7 years of working with people, I’ve come to the same conclusion every time: you cannot satisfy every single one of them. Each one has their own principles, views & perspectives of life, way of treating other people, cultural things, etc.

The main thing you can do is try to satisfy as many of them as possible, because if you want to satisfy them all you’ll have a hard time when dealing with your first unexpected experience of an unsatisfied buyer.

Even the big players out there like Amazon, Google and so on have to deal with unsatisfied buyers and bad feedback, and lots of it, too :slight_smile: It’s part of the business of working with people from all places and cultures :wink:


Okay. Thanks . I will fill always try to your advice

You should follow this