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I am depressed, I don't get any order more than 5 month

I don’t get any order more than 5 months.
I am depressed. so please help me, to share some ideas or tips from experts, How can get an order from the buyer.

Best of Luck :slight_smile:

Try changing the category in which you provide gigs … Look for people who you can collaborate with…
I have received people who have asked me to refer them if incase someone wants a logo designed for a website since i do website optimizations myself.


Borna2, the delivery times are too short.

please give me some suggestions. what can I do?

Are you reaching out to your target customers and telling/showing them how you can help solve their problems? Successful sellers connect to their customers, they don’t sit back and wait for things to happen. They MAKE things happen.

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Personally I would avoid the 1 day delivery, the $5 price tag, the unlimited revisions, the claim that the work is done in just few hours.

ok, but what should I do?

Try to read my answer.

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thank you. I got it.
Best of Luck :slight_smile:

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I can offer some resources for selling, but I’ll also give you a tip on asking for tips. It is understandable that you feel down when you don’t get orders, but do everything you can to summon enthusiasm when you ask for suggestions. There are so many sellers who just make a gig and wait around for orders and then they post here about being sad or down or tell some sad story. I am always more motivated to help those who are trying to be strong and positive because bringing positivity is one key to attracting buyers. Here are resources I promised: