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I am using Fiverr from last 5 months

I am using Fiverr from last 5 months but getting no orders not even from buyer requests.


1)Check your proposal first that you are sending to buyers .Is this attractive ?
2)Check the Title of your gig .
3)Check description of your gig . you properly elaborate about your services? What you are providing special in your gig that others don’t providing , What extra that you give as free in order.
4)Check Thumbnails.
5)Use proper keywords in your tags !


How to write a attractive proposal?

I will give you example for website development .

when you send proposal for website development or any other service .

1)Try to elaborate that what you are providing and what extra .
2)Read carefully the requirements and ask questions about it in a proposal.
3)Say in a proposal that this is a solution of this .
4)Send your sample of work to it .
5)And ask him/her for reference or any example to show you that you are looking for !

I should recommend you keep trying & read a discussion here [ IMPORTANT ] Tips For Sellers With No Orders!

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Try to put your time into good use and optimize your Gigs a bit more while waiting on your first order.

You write an attractive description when you hire an English writer to do the job for you. Fiverr offers such services and I would take advantage of it if I were you… especially now that you have %10 percent discount… good luck!!

Warmly, Humberto

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How can i optimize my Gigs?


you can optimize your gig by using proper keywords in your tag and title !

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