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I can't review my buyer?

Its my third time i’m having this problem that i can’t see any review option, either my buyer didn’t review me. Whats going on, Is it new kind of update?
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Check out the above links.


Check again your order page. At the bottom of the page, you will see review option. After keeping a review you will see client’s review. But first ask your client that he/she have already given you a review.

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i can’t see it, at the bottom of page !
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Nor can I, I would like to review my order and can’t.

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@ansarkhan16 @xaraskinclinic I think you will only be able to see a review option (on your order page) after your buyer has reviewed you.

As soon as the buyer leaves a review (yes, you will not be able to see this review until you post your review, too), you will be able to see the option to post a review. As soon as you do that, you will be able to see the buyer’s review and rating.

If the buyer were to not leave a review, there would be no need for your side of the blind review right? That’s the reason why Fiverr gives you the option to post your side of the blind review only after the buyer has left a review.

If the buyer were to never leave a review, you will never see an option to post your side of the review.

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