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I did't receive any order...please help me

i’m a new seller on fiverr…i did’t receive any order from fiverr please help me… I’m a professional video editor…


prompt your gig social media

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i already share my gigg link on facebook groups but facebook community standard has been removed my post…so what can i do next??

your gig, looks quite good. In the future, maybe I’ll give it a try. Haha.
But do be patient, you only join July. There are a lot of seller who didnt get a order for more than 7 months.


I don’t have any idea to promote my gig… PLEASE HELP MEEEE…


try to avtive online it’s better to get order

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OK…bro…thanks for advice

welcome to fiverr.if you want to get order please do promote on social media and try to active always

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copy your link and share on social media also do SEO your gigs image :v: :smiley:

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but facebook removed my post

Dont depends on FB. Do marketing instragum , Twitte, Linkdin, behace, pinterest etc…:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Also I think your service kery word is not strong & also imge cant atract to buyer. Take care of it

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yaa share your gig on every social media and spend time in fiver as much as you can

Just do marketing your gig! :slightly_smiling_face:

kannanssyam :slight_smile:

Congratulations keep biding and wish it do it every day marketing your best seller gig



best of luck bro. You will get soon

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Eoin, :mage:t2: the wise has some suggestions for you.

Welcome to fiverr… As a new seller you need to work hard for getting first order. Fiverr have a policily get one order fiverr provide another order. As a new seller you must need one order as soon as possible.
There have 2 way for getting order in your profile:
one is send buyer request daily. Please don’t share template for buyer request. First of all read all requirements what buyer need then how you solve this problem. send buyer request that way i hope you get order.

Second one is social media marketing:

Share your gig link all social media that you are use. Ever day you post your gig share link in social media …

I hope you understand.
Best of Luck your new journey


Improve your gig quality, Send Daily 10 buyer request, Do gig marketing every day, Not Only Facebook Marketing, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc Do these


promote you gigs please in social media

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