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I lost my top-rated seller badge

I lost my top-rated seller budget on April 15, 2020, due to a low delivery rating. Tell me if you have any ideas on how to fix this again it will be very helpful for me


Sorry to hear that , I think no one can change it for you , you have to keep doing good work on everything , to wait for it come back again :slight_smile:

By the way , when you got Top rated ?

Sorry to hear that…Complete your requirement for top rated again!!

Thanks for the reply

I dont know much about this. But i do really hope you get what you want

Well you said it was due to low delivery rating. So here is your answer. Improve your rating again.

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Sorry about this. But maybe its a blessing in disguise. I have seen several sellers who have TRS saying that the badge actually hurt their earnings. Not exactly sure how though.

Where have you seen that sort of claim?

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I remember reading a rant from a TRS seller who was wondering if there was a way of stripping of the badge. I cant seem to find the link though. Here are some other related threads;


Those are all very interesting threads, I remember most of them.

However, I don’t see anyone making the exact claim of how being a TRS hurt their bottom line.

I do see a pattern though:

-by gaining TRS status, almost all sellers choose to up their pricing, meaning they are breaking away from the audience that got them there initially. The slump in sales that follows a pricing spike is often perceived as some sort of “curse” or negative side effect of the badge itself.

-TRS brings extra stress, as it’s yet another thing you can lose, and it’s currently the most coveted badge on the platform (judging by the sheer amount of people asking about it on the forum)


Try to complete all requirement then I hope you will get top rated base again. You are really professional seller so It’s really easy for you.
Have a good day
Thank you

I’m surprised no one has mentioned that becoming a TRS is a manual process. Unlike progressing to Level 1 and then Level 2, which are automatic promotions when you meet the defined criteria, becoming a Top Rated Seller relies on being handpicked by the Fiverr team. Therefore there is no guarantee.

Here is a reminder of the seller levels: .

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Very disappointed, Actually its a tough job to achieve a level, please try again with your experience and you will achieve this position ASAP.

Check this out :D Got my TRS back! :D

So sorry to hear this.
Try to improve on the speed of your delivery. Hopefully, you will get the TRS badge again.
All the best.