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I made 80 cents



I received a custom offer from a buyer asking me to test their app for $11. I was like ok so when they sent me the link to their app I saw the app was $8. They then stated they are paying me $11 and the $8 was in my payment. So even though I wasn’t gonna keep the whole $11 I thought it’s better than nothing. After completing the buyer’s request Fiverr claims that $8.80 was pending clearance. What? The buyer paid $11 so why am I getting $8.80? I considered maybe it’s because Fiverr takes a portion as a fee. But Fiverr already charges the buyer a transaction fee so why are they charging me too? Due to this, I’m only making 80 cents from this order. My question is why does Fiverr charge me if they already charge the buyer?


Fiverr takes 20% of every sale.

It also charges buyers a transaction fee, which is usually $2. This fee is relatively new (at least at its current amount). I guess it covers processing costs and other things we aren’t necessarily aware of.


You’re getting $8.80 (Fiverr takes 20% for getting you the client and facilitating service delivery)

You agreed to pay for the app in order to test it?
I’m sorry to say, but you should have charged more.

PS. I checked your gig and even though I haven’t seen your reports I’d say you need to review your entire pricing model. $10 for app or website testing?

Either you’re not doing a good job or you’re desperate. I mean no disrespect, but if I needed a tester I might not hire you thinking it’s a low quality gig.


This is just silly. Your buyer could have made their app free to download. I wouldn’t be surprised if they now charge back on this order to actually make $8. Then you have the associated security risks.

Fiverr charges 20% commission and is a den of thieves at times. Don’t try and be nice and work for pennies to get reviews. This is like someone who is afraid of bugs wearing a blue neon fly zapper. - i.e. You’ll basically just get lots of terrifying things flying at you from all directions.

Maybe go back and read about how Fiverr works. Then try again. :slight_smile:


No offense taken. I get it. I am desperate for my first few orders to get good reviews to get the ball rolling. You’re also right about it being dumb for me to pay $8 for their app when they could have made it free. I will try to use a different pricing model in the future. Thanks. The bigger question for me though was why Fiverr charged me a fee if they also charge the buyer a fee.


Thanks for the info. I will try to be different down the road


I started with website audits, which is somewhat similar service. Here’s what worked for me.

  1. You can increase your price, but then you have to have a kickass portfolio. You need some sample reports, videos and whatever you’re offering. You can’t really offer recordings without providing a demo recording in your portfolio.
    It needs to be properly explained what’s included and what kind of value it gives to the customer. Customers will not spend $50+ for website testing unless they understand the value.

  2. Or the other solution is to simplify your service. You can ask $10 if it takes you let’s say 15 minutes to do this. It’s still very low price for you, but it’s low enough for buyers to order it. For example, a lot of SEO gigs are providing automated reports for $10. It has a decent value for the customer and it takes just a few minutes for the seller to pull the report.


Thanks for the suggestion.


I made 80 cents


Thank you for posting this… I enjoyed reading it. You are going to do well here I think. That buyer tricked you by not letting you know they expected you to pay for the app. Sorry this happened to you but you learn by experiences. Uxreview has been here a long time and is very successful. He gave some good advice.


Making 80 cents isn’t too bad. At least it’s a profit and not a loss :frowning:


That’s so sneaky, to offer $11 then make him pay $8 for it.


Thanks for the support everyone. I learned from my mistakes and will do better in the future.:grin:


It is a learning experience but it’s probably worth it if you got a review out of it. When I started on Fiverr I worked at a loss. I did hours of work for $5 a pop just to get the first 10 reviews and then I barely made any money for another 25 reviews. It was worth it since it enabled me to get more buyers at higher prices later. What you can do is just add a line in your gig that says that if there are any out-of-pocket costs for you those must be paid in advance by custom arrangement. If a buyer messages you in advance you can add it to your custom quote right then. If the buyer orders without prior discussion you can send them a gig extra for that cost. It’s something you should only do if it’s mentioned in your gig, though. You’ll be fine - it’s the people that aren’t willing to make sacrifices in the early stages that don’t do well.

Fiver has always charged a 20% commission to sellers and they have always been transparent about it. They don’t charge you a monthly fee to put your gigs up or make you buy credits to bid on anything, you only pay if you make money. The buyer’s fee is separate and is something between the buyer and Fiverr. The buyer’s part has nothing to do with the seller, really.


Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works. Everything is explained there.


There is no success without failure.


Fiverr takes 20% of every sale.