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I need helps to get new order

Hello everyone,
Thanks for interested to help me. I am a seller of Fiverr. I need suggestions related to gig ranking or new order. I am not getting new orders and buyer knock. Last week I have cancel an order. After the order cancel, I am not getting any buyer knock. Anyone, please visit my profile and gig’s then suggest to me what I should do.
Thanks again
Rakib Ahmed


Hello there,

Cancelation can drastically impact your rankings. You can send buyer requests and get orders to improve that but the best way is to mention in your gig description that “Please contact before placing order”.
Also, make sure to change tags and do image SEO. That helps a lot.
One last thing, one word tags are preferred. Only add those words that are 100% relevant to your gig. If you add other words that are SOMEWHAT similar, that can confuse the algorithm.
I hope that helps you.

I’m no expert with Fiverr SEO, just trying to help. :smiley:

These articles may help you .

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