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I need my first order... How?

Hello fellow Fiverr users. I’m trying to get my first order, I’ve had impressions and clicks on my gigs, however no orders, I’ve changed prices and tags to try to make my gigs more reasonable for a seller with no reviews… However, I’m still not really sure, my account is very new so I could just have to wait or there could be something wrong with my gigs…

My gigs:

  • Making Youtube thumbnails (Primary gig)
  • Making ebook covers (side project)
  • Saying anything with a straight face (For fun)

try share your youtube thumbnails gig youtube related social network… like youtube related facebook group…

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These articles may help:


I have been trying that method, however it hasn’t really been working, but I’ll try some more groups to see.

Thank you for your help.

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I’ll have a look, thank you.

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