I Need Suggestions


Hey This Is Annu… I Have 4-5 Years Experience Of Photoshop… And My friend Recommended Me To Use Fiverr So I Can Use My Skills For Some Revenue. So I Created My Gig https://www.fiverr.com/annusharma6/remove-any-background-professionally
But The Problem Is No One Is Buying it And I Am Getting No Response, I Dont Know What Is The Problem…

So Can Any Expert Seller Or Buyer Help Me With Some Suggestions… What Can I Do More…


Try sending requests to buyers in buyers request


@priya786 Thats also a Problem I Dont See Much there


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ok thanks!! i didnt knew that


There is a lot of competition in this field. Number of amateurs are here to earn some bucks with a little bit of knowledge about Photoshop. You may be Professional but you need a lot of struggle. First of all change your Gig’s display picture, it is not appealing. Secondly try Buyer requests; it will help you a lot.


Hey Thanks For Your Suggestions… I Will Work Something Out…