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I need to know if i have any problem with my gig as I'm not getting buyers request related to my gig

I need to know what is the problem with my gig, I am a new seller and need to know how to improve my gig and I am not getting buyers request related to my gig


Buyers Request in itself is iffy at best. Sometimes there are posts and sometimes it’s empty. When nothing shows up, it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with your gig, just that there are no requests showing at that point in time.

I find your Gig generic and bland.

Work on building trust. I am letting you know about all my money so I want to feel that I can trust you. A photo on your gig rather than a stock photo of a calculator (I have one of those already - mine even has more buttons). Show how you doing this work is better than me or the lady from down the road (who smells like cheese and dead rats) doing it. Don’t make it about price, make it about the best solutions for my specific problem. Can you specialize in a specific accounting thing: I will be your Go-to guy for money laundering or something (maybe a bit less illegal).

Oh and check on you grammar and capitalization of product names.


Thanks for breaking it to me.
I’m doing my best to make it more appealing than other gigs.
Actually I’m new to this so I’m facing a bit of problem, like how to make proper gigs, presentation of my gigs

Thanks for the information mate :slight_smile:

(…) I’m not getting buyers request related to my gig

Check your tags, maybe you need to change them or adjust. Tags are the ones that will relate specific Buyer Requests to the service(s) you offer.

thank you! i have edited my tags

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You’re most welcome, @wajidalam.

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Hello mate! Is it fine now?

Why you providing only Basic bookkeeping service. If possible create three package. I think it will be best way to get a order.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I have added packages in my gigs. :grin:

Also try to send buyer request per day.