I quite like the "most successful at" but can't help feeling there's a... "glitch"



That’s a heck of a difference. Pass me the wrench Bob, I think we’ve got a gremlin in the system…


That’s a terrible idea, but I can’t see it on my profile (yet). Can you view it on everyone’s profile or just your own?

This is reminiscent of the time they used “Average Selling Price” but displayed that number as the “Starting at” price. It brought everyone’s sales down (at least, everyone who was in the guinea pig group) for the week or so that it lasted.



The following features are not visible to me yet:

  • Most successful at

  • How much buyers spent beside their reviews

  • Average prices

  • Available Now, comes and goes

All these are beta features, since majority of population can’t see, it probably won’t affect you much. Other than that, you are ultra successful so it shouldn’t affect P. Map at all. :slight_smile:


I can see it on everyone’s profile. It’s similar to the average price feautre we talked about a few month’s back. As Gina said, it’s likely an A/B test.


Indeed - obviously they are doing lots of A/B testing right now in an effort to boost sales.


I have mixed feelings about all these test features. I’m not sure if I like it or not, most of it seem to be invasion of privacy.

I do like the A.N function, it went away before I got to use it. Oh, well, it comes, it goes. I’m just a lowly buyer among a million other buyers. :slight_smile::grin::laughing:


Maybe it ran out of room. It’s supposed to say $800 but the last 0 was cut off. :laughing::grin:

Then again, now that everyone knows you’re most successful at $80, it’ll be interesting to see what happens :thinking::rofl::thinking:


It’s absolutely potentially - shooting the seller, as an independent business entity (that contracts themselves out here) - in the foot. I AM best at whatever I negotiate as a deal- THAT is what I am best at. There may be a large number of standard $5 dollar sales, but - there should be no disclosure of what a person’s average sale price is. Especially when some of us are scared to edit our gig prices for fear that we become MIA!

It effectively has the potential to stifle the seller, so they keep getting the low ball offers.

To date I can’t see any of these new features.

I am wondering the rationale behind them… so puzzling. :thinking:


I bet that’s it. Yay, I broke Fiverr!


Well no reason to spend all that money when we can get it for the best deal of $80! Thanks for the tip off fiverr! :smile:

I just looked at your gig out of curiosity and the price starts at $600.
So that is very strange to have that there to say the least. It seems to really be something that would possibly discourage someone who was interested in that gig.


Wasn’t the idea to promote gigs with higher prices? This has the opposite effect :slight_smile:
If you’re telling buyers that this seller mostly sells his $600 gigs for $80 then why should they pay more?


It’s very confusing. It’s like saying “this gig is really worth $80”.

What does it mean to say “most successful at”? Successful at what?


Err… it´s “on average” now instead of “average”, but I do see it, for instance on your profile.

So now we have people who see “on average”, people who see “most successful at” and people who see ‘prices next to reviews’. Oh, and people who see nothing, not to forget.

And I think Gina´s explanation may be it.

And someone pass on the wrench to the tech team, when they are done with the most successful prices, so they can repair the “Show Online Sellers” filter, please.


I saw 16 gigs in my category which are online now but of course none of mine. How did they get so lucky to be in that elite listing?


Maybe the wrench broke before they reached your gigs.


I really don’t understand what it is supposed to tell to potential buyers!
When I see that I don’t want to pay 600$. I think that the price should be around 80$.

Paul, I would like to ask you: Have you ever sold this service at 80$? You are not obliged to answer…


Pro gigs have to be $100 or more. I’m not sure whether a custom offer can bypass that rule.


My money is on Gina´s cut-off 0. :smiley:


It looks like he will come down to $80 if you ask.

Fiverr threw him under the bus on that one.


I have not - I suspect that Gina is exactly right - I bet it is meant to say $800 and it cut off the 0. I typically sell the gig at between $600 and $1,800, with most coming in at between $1,000 - $1,200.