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Ideas to improve

Hi. I could anyone please give me suggestions on improving my gigs?

I joined Fiverr in May 2020 but created my 2 of my gigs in March 2021 and one in May 2021. I had around 1.1K impressions last month. Then it started dropping suddenly. My clicks have also reduced. Please let me know how I can improve.

Thank You.

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Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

It sounds like your newcomer boost has run out.

I took a quick glance. Only one of your Gigs has an FAQ section? Top 5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Badly Behaved Buyers

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Thank You for that. I’ll add the FAQ section to all my gigs.

Appreciate it.

Open to any other suggestions you may have. Thank you loads once again for your time.


I have some tips for you that can help you as a newbie

  1. Try to be online most of the time.
  2. Send 10 buyer requests daily.
  3. Improve your images (Current images are boring) get ideas from your competition
  4. Share your gigs on social media
  5. watch some videos on YouTube for different topics you are confused about

I hope it helps.

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Thank you so much for your valuable feedback. I’ll definitely see to them.