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Impression is very low

I’m a new seller. I don’t get any order yet. And impression is very low. How can I fix it? Please comment experience seller.

Impressions aren’t all that important. Here’s why: - Fiverr Tips / Tips for Sellers - Fiverr Community Forum

Keep focus on sending buyer request, promote your gigs on Social Media , Communication is the key

Try to update your gig with new tags

  • Fiverr’s search algorithm clearly favors sellers that are online frequently and respond quickly (this is even one of the primary metrics used to evaluate your seller level and is prominently displayed on your dashboard). This was not an issue for me as I am already working on a million other projects at once and can juggle a quick reply easily, but may be a major issue if you want to only check into your account once per day or less.
  • Key word research is key on Fiverr. Find similar gigs, evaluate their keywords, internal search rank, and keep track of whether Fiverr is promoting their gig or not. I probably under-performed my first week due to my reluctance to experiment with new keywords.
  • Offer your first few orders at lower price to get reviews. You need reviews to succeed on Fiverr. Especially your first review. So make sure you over-perform and over deliver, especially on those crucial key orders. I received “tips” from several of my first buyers which I believe boosted my rank in the search algorithm as well.
  • Communicate with buyers throughout the process. Fiverr brings in thousands of new buyers each week. Many of them are new to buying freelance services, online, from a person they have never met. A little bit of transparency and updates on their order status goes a long way.
  • Try to maintain your performance metrics to achieve a level 1 or 2 (or even higher) rating in the first few months.