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Improving Fiverr Systems - Here's What I Sent to Product Development (Long Post)

Please vote on which of these suggestions you like the most here - I will pass that feedback onto product development as well.

Hey all, so following a previous thread on the forum, after St. Level’s Day, I requested suggestions that Fiverr could make to the platform. Plenty of you responded and I have now consolidated the feedback and sorted it. This is the Google Doc I just put together, that I have sent as feedback and suggestions to my Fiverr contact. They are going to pass it on to Fiverr product development for consideration as improvements in future updates.

Please note that I will shortly be creating a poll so sellers can vote on the changes they like the most.

Suggested Improvements to Fiverr Systems and Seller Metrics

This is a document that consolidates suggestions from engaged Fiverr sellers (myself and others) on possible Fiverr system changes and improvements that will improve the platform for both buyers and sellers. Although these suggestions were driven by the recent level system updates, they have wider-ranging implications for improving quality of service, interactions, use, and perception of the wider Fiverr platform.

Background — Level System Update

Following the recent introduction of new seller appraisal metrics in January, seller levels were automatically reassigned by Fiverr algorithms. Following the changes, there was some robust (!) discussion on the forum about possible tweaks that could be made to Fiverr systems to provide sellers with more visibility and improve the Fiverr experience for them and for buyers.

The belief is that making these changes will improve the quality of buyer and seller interactions, help to manage expectations, and give sellers greater visibility and control over the most important quality of service measures.

Here are the suggestions from the forum, collected and consolidated by myself. You can see the original forum discussion here:

I have also provided links to the original post suggestion for more context if needed. Where there are numbers after the original post, this means there is further context and support for the suggestion in the thread.

We would be grateful if you could consider these suggestions for future systems improvements and your product roadmap.

Thank You.

I will also be setting up a poll to gauge seller support for all of these options and will provide the results of that separately.

Response Rates and Times Improvements

Don’t Count Spam Communications in the Response Rate Measurement

At the moment, even a communication from a blocked, spam seller has to be responded to within 24 hours or it is scored negatively in response rates. My suggestion is to simply remove communications from spam sellers from the response rate calculation. Original post.

Let Sellers Set “Availability Times” and Only Measure Response Rates During Those Times

A suggestion would be to let sellers set availability - e.g. 8 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Friday, and only calculate response times within those windows. Outside of those windows, maybe your gigs don’t show, or the buyer gets a notification of when they can expect a response (based on your availability window). This could work like a mini “vacation mode.” Original post. 2. 3. 4. Note that this was one of the most popular suggestions.

Show Any Messages that Have Not Been Responded To Separately

Provide an “unresponded to” message option in the Fiverr communications system so that sellers can quickly and easily review the messages they still need to respond to. Original post. 2.

Email, Text, or Otherwise Notify a Seller Six Hours Before They Are Likely to Breach the 24 Hour Communication Period

If a seller hasn’t responded within 18 hours, remind them that they need to do so.

Raising Orders

Limit the Number of Gig Multiples that Buyers Can Order

Provide a drop-down for sellers to limit how many gig multiples buyers can buy - it doesn´t help to set the allowed orders limit low if any buyer simply can order “X” multiples of a gig. Original post.

Provide Gig Limits Separately for Different Gig Packages in Each Gig

Also, it would be great if we could set the allowed orders in queue number separately for the 3 options of each gig - we may be able to take 10 orders for the basic gig anytime, while 2 orders of the premium gig would already be too much. Original post.

Protect Sellers When There is No Communication from the Buyer

If an order is raised without any instructions and the buyer is not forthcoming with information, or if there are long delays in responses from the buyer, allow the seller to cancel the order without an impact on their stats. Original post.

Allow Sellers to Not Accept Orders on Certain Gigs Before the Buyer Contacts Them

Occasionally, the scope or complexity of a gig may require the buyer to contact the seller to discuss the gig prior to ordering. Failure to do so can result in cancellation, if the buyer does not understand the scope and cost of work involved. Allow some gigs to not automatically receive orders until the seller and the buyer have communicated with each other. Original post.

Limit the Number of Modifications a Buyer Can Request.

No matter how many modifications you allow per order, a buyer can keep requesting them indefinitely, even if you clearly state that an additional modification will cost extra. If you have a maximum of two modifications allowed, then the buyer should only be able to send two, after which, they would have to pay your cost to send an additional request for modification. Original post.

Make it Impossible for an Order to Be Placed in the Event That a Buyer Doesn’t Supply Any Order Details

This is a key pain point for sellers and a major reason for cancellations. If a seller has requested order details be entered, do not allow the order to go ahead and be placed until those requirements have been completed. Original post.

Order Cancellations and Deliveries

Allow Sellers X Number of Mutual Cancellations that Don’t Impact Order Completion Rate

Sometimes cancellations happen through no fault of the seller. Allow a seller a certain number of “free passes” for mutual cancellations - this could be based on level, number of successfully completed orders, etc. everything else about the order cancellation would apply as it does now, but it would not impact on Order Completion Rate or On Time Delivery. Original post. 2.

Provide an Option to Automatically Extend Delivery Time

I propose an update that easily adds days onto the end of the original delivery date, and also a resolution center amendment that lets you click a single button to request additional time to complete an order. The buyer would still need to agree to the extension, and you might only be able to do this X number of times, similar to the mutual cancellation suggestion above. Original post. 2.

Other Suggestions

Provide More Detailed Analytics on Why We Are Not Meeting Fiverr Goals

Sometimes, it’s a mystery why our measures go down. My suggestion would be to let us dig into the analytics a little more to find out what problems caused a drop in ratings. For example, if we don’t have a perfect response rate, perhaps the system could let us know what messages we failed to respond to. Original post.

Ask Sellers to Take a Basic Competency Test

For example, a simple writing test to post writing gigs. Original post.


Ask buyers to take a basic comprehension test to figure out if they can understand what it is they’re buying before they order, so it doesn’t count against the seller if they order in error? :wink:

That’s a good old list though @paulmaplesden - I hope you do well with it. :smiley:



  • show Extra-related instruction fields ONLY if those Extras get purchased :wink:

I’ve been asking for this for Years!

I’m honestly tired to have buyers fill out the [optional] instruction fields related to my Extras even though they haven’t ordered them, to find out after delivery that they don’t understand why I’ve ignored those fields :man_facepalming:

My Extras require additional information - why clutter the instructions form with questions about those extras “just in case they get ordered”, when the buyer purchases a default package with no extras?


I agree on everything. Except the problem is, many of the suggestions can be used by dishonest sellers in order to abuse the system. :frowning:

Just this bugs me a bit, the competency tests can be easily faked. I know, that on other platforms people fake it. Besides, it would be practical for pros, but “regular” sellers don’t need a competency test. Maybe, as a suggestion they can vet the sellers after they are active on the platform for some time, and review their work, therefore, if it’s subpar the editors can delete those gigs.


I agree - I am just repeating what someone else said - and hey, if it weeds out even 10% of people, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I think your suggestion is a good one too…


Yep, and there are a lot of bad apples here, unfortunately. :confused:


WOW, you really put a lot of time & effort into this write-up, so kudos for that! :tropical_drink:
:white_check_mark: On my way to vote (poll)

This is what chaps my arse the most. Or responses like “Here’s my number, call me” or “hi” it’s frustrating that despite having the report button, just to keep my stats up. I have no other choice but to acknowledge these knuckleheads.

This is another pet peeve of mine. They think they are at a carnival or something smashing the :video_game: button over and over trying to win a teddy :bear: bear. :persevere:

Anyway, I could go on and on forever. I don’t expect Fiverr to implement everything (not all at once) but just the few that’s at the top of the list that affects sellers the most. Especially if it’s a situation that is way beyond our control. My fingers and toes are crossed that the dev team take some of this stuff into consideration.


Well, Mr. Maplesden, meh that sounds too formal. :smiley: Good stuff, Paul! :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers :tropical_drink:


I will add that into the next iteration.

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Competency Tests can be problematic in themselves especially if they aren’t presented properly. Not only that but a lot of categories are subjective and don’t follow a particular norm so the tests won’t do much good.


Isn’t this a thing? Messages > See All In Inbox > Unread

Or does this mean make it easier than that?

You may have read a message but forgotten to respond, so this is very similar to that, but with an extra filter.


I was wondering if anyone else had any comments on this?

My concern is that if we go on a vacation, the metrics will be affected, so someone could lose their level just because they were on vacation.

I haven’t thought this through completely but a lot of the metrics depend on making steady sales and not letting number of sales drop too much.

An example would be if you are near the limit of cancellations, and they were recent, and your sales stopped for two or three weeks, that would possibly cause you to lose a level since your completion rate would drop below the limit.

Solid work Paul. That’s great.

I am surprised the seller competence test received so few votes.

It’s like we don’t want a better marketplace for our selves.


Let me know if you need any help with suggestions for the next round, because I have a wishlist of my own re: features.


Excellent work, Paul! Thanks for compiling this information. I have just voted on the poll, and I really hope product development evaluates these proposals. They’re great ones!


This still allows for sellers to game the system by offering refunds instead of receiving a negative review.

I do agree we need some leeway, I’ve been saying so from day 1, but maybe another component is needed?

Like staff reviewing what actually went down?

if it’s a “sorry, I ordered by mistake” sort of thing, no impact.
if it’s a “what the heck is that thing you delivered? It’s nothing like your samples” ordeal, maybe they should count.


I’m a bit surprised by this one too, Frank. I think competency tests would be a very helpful direction to maintain quality. I took a number of those tests on Upwork - buyers could see how I had performed on them, which I thought was excellent.

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Thank you!

We need a “fiverr seller” test first and foremost, because as we can plainly see by the dozens of posts here on a daily basis, people open up shop without even bothering to read ToS, guidelines, how to setup gigs, what’s expected of them, how everything works etc

Then we need to take it a step further and test sellers based on their “expertise”.

A baseline test should suffice for all major categories, should be random, and you can only take it once every 6 months or so. (No cheaters, no answers leaking)


I agree with all of this, Frank! It’s a great way to ensure quality systemwide, and eliminate the people who don’t bother to figure out how to use the platform.

I also like the test every 6 months - to keep us sharp! I think your refinements on seller testing would be a great addition to Paul’s list for product development.