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Is it ok to talk about things buyers do or strange behavior of buyers on the forum or is that against the rules?


I don’t mean mentioning names or naming and shaming but we get a lot of various personalities of buyers and some of it is fascinating or puzzling. I am someone who is interested in human behavior.

Sometimes buyers do strange things, or frustrate us. I get the impression when we have a buyer who says or does something maddening we are not supposed to talk about it here.
Is this impression correct?

I am asking for a clarification on this.


As long as the name/username of the buyer or any clue regarding the buyer is not mentioned, I think it isn’t against the forum rules. :slight_smile:


Yes I also think the same. if its not for the purpose of name or shame, then its not something wrong to do.


Human behaviour surely is interesting, for example all these retired posts above this comment, which will be gone in a bit :wink: and this question I find interesting too, though I suppose as you want clarification you need mod or staff answers.
There certainly is a lot of talk about buyer behaviour, and as a lot/most (?) of it doesn’t get removed, I’d say it is okay but.
But because there always is a but. The no naming and shaming rule is an easy and obvious and written down one. But any community also has unwritten rules, which often aren’t quite so clear, so I’d say ‘yes it’s OK, but it depends’ ;).
My take, curious to read what people who actually are addressed with your question, have to say.


Though we could still read their posts by clicking the edit icon. :grin:


Though I didn´t, because I´m not nosey. Or because it´s a hassle to hit the pen icon on the phone, forgot, which one of that it was. :wink:


I am Looking for sell. Please help me how can I promote my gig?
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Hello Akisha and welcome to the fiverr forum.
This is a discussion Miss Crystal started on the topic you see in the title of this thread. If you want to ask people to give you tips, this is the right place to start your own thread for that:

There are people who might help you, if you post this in the right place, and there are people on fiverr too who have gigs you can order to help promote your gig, I´m on fiverr as a translator and to discuss on the forum, I´m no promoter, not my field of expertise.
Good luck. :slight_smile:


You don’t have any gigs.


Oh, well, I guess that needs a very outstanding promoter then.


I think in general it is OK but it also depends on the topic and the content. As writer mentioned above the recent one was not OK and was pulled. I also went through your deleted posts above and I didn’t see anything wrong with your replies so I am not sure why you deleted these.

If you have any doubt you can always send us a message and tag us so we can pop in and check it for you guys if you wish.
In general if it’s a sensitive subject, it’s safer to start a private pm to discuss your issue. If you need help with that let us know.


I removed posts because I don’t want to be banned again.
I was confused about why it happened and now I’m wary of pretty much any topic that isn’t directly about mek sells.


I´m torn between liking or not this post, I decided to not, not that it got understood as supporting to be wary of any topic not directly about mek sells. Forum would be a dreary place if there were no other topics.

So, if clear words from mods on what is ok to post and what not, help people to decide what they can/should or can/should not post, I´m all for clear words. But maybe Anna’s suggestion to ask mods if unsure, works.

Please don´t stop to post things not directly related to mek sells, everyone, even if it´s on cricket. :wink:




Why so angry about this. :astonished:


Jesus Christ. I was being funny. Should I now explain my jokes every time? Put a sarcasm alert with every sarcastic post?


Lol not, should I as well??? :joy:


I often have the feeling it would be good to have a forum signature with a row of :wink: smileys, a few /s and maybe a few disclaimers too in it.



Patience, young grasshopper. :smile_cat:


I have no idea where you could have got this impression. There are so many posts that are talking about buyers (and sellers) that there cannot be any confusion that this is allowed. Even when someone does mention a buyer username, mods simply remove the username but leave the post. Check the Fiverr experience and conversations categories - most are related to a buyer or seller.
Both Fiverr staff - @mjensen415 - and mods have made clear and detailed posts about what is and isn’t allowed here, including gray areas. If you are ever in any doubt you can refer to these for clarification and they are linked below.

Furthermore, mods initially try to take a “light touch” approach to moderating by editing or removing problematic comments so if you have a comment edited or removed then it is safe to say that you should not say the same thing again. If you have an issue with that, ask one of the mods for clarification (please dont send a message to all mods, there is no need to and this just takes up 3 times the amount of mod time. If we are unsure we will check it with the others ourselves anyway)