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Is there any Opportunity for hard workers

I am looking for work and first i like to make a community please i am stranger here and looking for some good friend to guide me


only hard work will not get you anywhere you’ve to do smart hard work

This entire site is full of opportunities for hard workers. If you want to be successful as a freelancer on Fiverr, you’ll spend time learning how to take advantage of those opportunities. YOU are responsible for your own success. We’re not going to hand-hold you through the process, nor are we going to provide you with the work you seek. You can earn it on your own.

Fiverr’s tagline is, “In Doers We Trust”. Go be a doer!


Hello welcome to fiverr!

You are not going to find a good friend to guide you. Look around and read as much as you can on the forum and learn on your own. You are a freelancer on fiverr. You are not an employee or in training. You have to figure out what to do for yourself. You can do it if you read a lot of posts on the forum.
Read the terms of service and always follow the rules.

Nobody wants to take anyone by the hand and guide them and tell them everything to do, but you can find out yourself if you take the time to read a lot of things on the site.

Do not copy any other seller’s gigs! You will get in trouble.


Welcome Dear,

Try To Make Some Different Gig and Install Fiverr App in you mobile.

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Create Unique gigs for more sells

Hi Shaizz,

There are a lot of opportunities for hard workers. Just keep trying…

:small_red_triangle_down: Upyour Game! :small_red_triangle_down: There’s plenty more where that came from, use the search :mag_right: field and type in upyour.

Did you mean Dewars? If so, I’m in.


I am also new on fiverr but still study on youtube about new methods and tricks for first order.
As i study about first order is a little difficult but after first order you will receive more and more buyer requests.
And your work will become easy and you will get orders easily.
Best of luck.