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Issues with a buyer (VOICE OVER WORK CANCEL)

Hello! I’m having a lot of issues with a buyer and I am unsure about what to do at this point.

A buyer had ordered from me ( Voice over work ) 3 characters to voice with all different voices, with very little instruction. They started a 5$ order with 193 words which is supposed 10$ for me and it took 3 messages for them to send the extra money. After that they had asked for a revision and I had filled out what they asked for, they asked for another revision asking me to cut all of the voices up even though I had said before that they will need to buy an extra if they want that. They now want to cancel even after I had put in my work and all of their revisions, what can I do in this situation ?


If you delivered the finished product as your gig describes and as the two of you mutually agreed, you have two choices: you can dig your heels in and deny any cancellation request they send and get CS involved, but that will potentially lead to a negative review. You can either proactively cancel or wait for them to send a cancellation request and take the hit to your completion metric. It’s a crap choice, but that’s the situation Fiverr’s put us in as sellers.

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Sounds like someone who was never sure from the start of what type of voice over they wanted, heard what you delivered, and now wants something different or is simply trying to get out of paying you.

You’ve already put in the work for the order. Now the decision to make is, is the money for the order more important to you or is avoiding a very likely vindictive 1 star rating?

You have an excellent track record with over 300 reviews, so a 1 star rating would clearly stick out as a buyer with a grudge. A cancellation won’t damage your rating but will still harm your stats unless you are able to get CS to cancel for you, but in this particular case, I find it unlikely.

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Thank you for your quick reply! I’m going to try and work through this with them but it’s becoming increasingly more difficult. Worst case scenario they cancel, but I’ll get over it ^^ Thank you so much again

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Hello there! I’m not even sure they looked at my gig to be honest, they seemed to want extras that were specified they needed to have inside the gig. I’m hopefully going to work through this with them, but worst case scenario they cancel, thank you for your reply ^^

I was writing a bigger comment but my PC crashed, so I’ll be brief: you should absolutely cancel exclusively through Support, especially if they don’t want to cooperate right now and request the cancellation again. This person is either ignorant or clearly doing it on purpose (5$ rather than 10$, coaxing to abide to your gig’s prices, multiple revisions and then attempt to cancel). Again, if they decline your attempt to resume work on the gig again and do another cancellation request, you cancel first through CS.

The opposite in my opinion, @kohibuni please check out this thread in which I helped durinworld and – even to my disbelief – it worked out wonderfully.

In short, if you “obey” and do further work, there’s a slim chance it will work out well, whereas knowing what the client has done and your spotless track record with a 5 star rating over 300 (!) reviews will definitely have support cancel the order without a blemish on said career.


Thank you so much! I’ve never had to deal with cancellation like this before so I was super confused, I’ll contact fiverr support. Thank you so much once again

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