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Mostly buyer disappear after order


How i can get buyer to at least remember to come back, and give a good review to seller of there work ?

I have over 10 un-reviewed order which i complete.
How do you deal with buyers like this ?
or this is happend only with me ?


Hi @cldisplay_seo,

This is Not Only Your Problem.
Check MY thread :point_down:


it mean no any solution for this issue ?
this is very bad for sellers if buyer not leave review


But it’s not the end of the world! No review is better than potentially a negative review! :slight_smile:


Yeah.Some New Buyers Did not Came Online after Delivery :sweat:


@offlinehelpers :smiley: you are correct


You can " remember " them by sending them messages and says that you are able to get orders in the future, it’s works for me, sometimes . . . :smile_cat:


Same here. But agree with @offlinehelpers


Please don’t send buyers messages after the order has been completed - your buyers may complain, and it could lead to your account being suspended or worse.


@offlinehelpers wait, is that true ? glad my buyers never complain when I send any messages - good buyers, very good buyers. Thank you for your information. :smile_cat:


Yes, you could be reported for spamming if you message your buyers after deliveries are complete. They could get fed up if you do it too often, then you could lose your messaging facilities etc.


@offlinehelpers omg :scream:
but mostly the buyers message me after deliveries are complete, are they will gonna lose their facilities too ?


No - don’t panic - it’s fine if they message you first, it’s only a problem if it’s you (the seller) who messages after deliveries!

Take a deep breath now! :slight_smile:


Thank you @offlinehelpers I can take a deep breath now :smile_cat:


Out of four orders that I had here, two sellers messaged me months after the delivery and told me that they were available for more work. I personally never contacted a buyer after the delivery to ask for more work. Sometimes I contact them to thank say thanks in case they left a tip. :slight_smile:


It’s always nice to say ‘thank you’ for a tip! :slight_smile:


Yep, It is. But begging for work isn’t nice, hopefully, this thread will help some people learn that the easy way.


learning many things from senior and genius members