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🤦‍♂️ My [bad] first impression of the Skills Test feature

I didn’t even think about that…:flushed: :angry:

Another one to add up to the list and that one is even worst!!! :rage:

I didn’t have this problem with all the tests I have passed. Perhaps this guy didn’t face this problem.
And, if answers 3 and 4 are the same and you don’t see the correct answer, you have to chose one answer in order to go to the next question. I always chose answer 4 in this situation. It’s perhaps the correct answer!

I won’t be tired saying that this are no serious test!!! :angry:

Just seen a Pro Seller and a TRS (with +20k reviews) who have passed some tests.
They don’t need these tests! They are very good sellers (like you) but now there is a difference between them and other TRS and Pro sellers.

Let’s see what Fiverr will do with these test results and how they will help/promote sellers with high scores…

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I doubt if anyone could test a very unique one of a kind seller, who has a specially developed skill no one else has.

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Yes, but these tests are limited. I do not use video animation software which there is a test for on Fiverr. Does this mean that I now have to take a test in After Effects, even though I do not use After Effects in any of my work on Fiverr?

Sure, I can pass the test. However, then people might start placing orders for services that I do not offer. As far as I can see, there is no test support for Linux software. Even in my writing and ebook work, I don’t use anything like MS Word. I’d, therefore, go as far as to say that for sellers like myself, these tests are discriminatory.


Right “they don’ t need” - because pass or fail, they’re getting the red carpet rolled out, and priority placement in search etc from fiverr, with the Pro status alone.

They can take them, just for fun! We’re not all in the same boat.

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Though there are Linux tests in the operating systems section if they are the same tests as in the “expert rating” link. Though probably not tests of non-operating system software specific to Linux - or other software (windows/Linux) that aren’t what they consider the main software for a particular task (or weren’t when the tests were developed however many years ago).

I think I will not take them even if I get the option tomorrow! :flushed:


I will when I get the option, at least when I have time to do one or more. I think it’s still probably worth doing them even if the tests aren’t perfect and there are errors in some of the tests/questions. We also still will have the option not to show the results, eg. if an error caused the test to be invalid or something. And it could still be helpful for the seller even if they don’t show the results (to see what subjects they may be best at, even though the tests could be improved, updated and more categories added), or the buyer too if they do.

They should at least fix problem where no correct answer is shown for some questions (and duplicate wrong answers are shown) though.

I also write content. I have never been asked by a potential buyer if I am an MS word expert :joy: But they ask me what is my mother language.

These discriminatory tests can help sellers like you fight against country discrimination!
You create videos but you also write content in english. Why not take the tests related to: English language, writing…?

Because after publishing my 5th book, I was under the impression that I had already graduated from primary school.

In either case, almost all of my writing work is based off-Fiverr at present . Also, I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this. However, I think Fiverr might be in danger of falling foul of the ‘Up-work effect.’

When I started freelancing, I found what was then Up-work and that’s how I got started. Moreover, at the time, that was the place to be if you were a real freelancer. Now things have changed. At least among freelancers I associate with. In fact, pretty much every mainstream freelance platform is maligned to an extent. Moreover, Up-work and Freelancer are good examples of why.

Both of these platforms do everything they can to look fancy on paper. Tests, paid gig promotions, buyer and seller tools. However, what you get at the end of the day, is a squabble of people bidding for jobs offered by squabbles of resellers. Meanwhile, the real high-earners out there (like the Pros Fiverr initially invited) get out there and hunt their own clients in person.

You basically get to a point (or at least I know I have) where you say to yourself: “This is what I do for a living. My biggest threat is uncertainty and poor personal brand recognition. For this reason, my prerogative is not to appease Fiverr or any other platform. My prerogative is to start the month hunting an independent client who has an on-going need for high-quality web content.” (If I don’t have one already.)

Everything on places like Fiverr becomes a casual extra and because of my needs as a professional freelancer, I can not justify trying to keep up with the mek-seller rat race. - And that is what this is.

Someone now wants me to take some tests to show my competency in a certain niche, even though the tests I am being asked to take are flawed?

If you are getting started or live job to job, tests are a tool you can use to attempt to standout. If you actually have a life, they at best deserve a raised eyebrow. Personally, I’m done with rat race, scramble to attract buyers. It’s simply not professionally productive for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I still appreciate Fiverr. However, in my humble opinion freelance platforms go through four stages of growth:

  • They open the door with a brand new idea. That idea is exciting and attracts lots of people. The really talented freelancers then start standing out and say, “Golly, I really like this place.”
  • Platform administrators then start saying, "We’ve got a goldmine here. Lets make tons on money by completely reinventing ourselves with new buzzwords and features
  • Formerly core freelancers start looking around saying, “Whoa, what an unproductive mess.”
  • Core freelancers slowly start paying less interest. Then freelance platforms compensate by becoming mek-seller pyramid schemes which survive only by attracting more and more new sellers, until every posted job is a 20-170 applicant handbag fight to apply for

This is what has become of Up-work.

I’m just done with proving myself. I honestly thought that I had done that already. Now, I’m just happy that I found myself and got on top of my game, before Fiverr reached stage 4 of terminal competitiveness.


The tests are a marketing tool to show potential buyers a seller’s ability. It’s purpose is to encourage more sales, nothing more. If you have more than enough clients elsewhere that is a position to be envied.

Sorry misscrystal but these tests may only be good for inexperienced buyers or people that think that hiring qualified hand work (us freelancers) is the same as buying chips.

Serious business must be ran seriously and any serious hiring is made not through tests, but through a thorough and serious interview by qualified personnel. A buyer that lets an online test to lead him/her in taking a decision instead of taking his/her time to select a seller, well… :roll_eyes:

If I should rely on Fiverr for my existence, I would be starved dead by now… :wink:

I see Fiverr just as an extra, although I understand that many, many sellers depend exclusively on Fiverr but that’s another story.

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How do you answer multiple choice questions?

Whenever I try to select 2 or more answers, only one gets selected. :expressionless:

I think, from one someone said, the questions that are with the round button (radio buttons?) are the ones that only have 1 correct answer, but the questions that allow a check in them are the ones that allow more than one correct answer.


I’ve been a paramedic for 21 1/2 years…thought the anatomy one would be a piece of cake. Not so much. The answers were not even close to correct. I passed, but had to hide the score!


I know, It was so annoying having to pick an answer from list of all incorrect options.


I have been an SEO professional in top agencies and as a freelancer for 12 years and consider myself an expert. I got 80% on the SEO test and at least 15 percentage points of that was because the questions were bad. I won’t go into the details here in order to play fair and not influence anyone else’s answers, but I was not impressed.

I’ve recently completed the photoshop test. It’s a disaster. The test is based on the version of 2017 and some questions they ask now are plainly outdated. So answering some questions will much likely result in a wrong answer. Also, the wording, the sort of questions, etc. made me furious. It’s just poorly designed. But then again I’ve looked through all tests there are on Fiverr. Must be hundreds! :smiley: So I understand why they have such poor quality. They should remove 80%+ of the tests and focus on making the remaining tests fair and good.

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