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My Gig impression is very low

I have been selling well in the last two months but it seems that my gig impressions and clicks are decreasing day by day. If impressions and clicks go down I can’t hold back any more than I do so I want to ask what I should do in this situation. I want to hold sales and increase my sales. Please help me. how to improve the impression and click. Thank you all.


Hello there, I understand your situation. You need to keep patience. Here is some great tips and tricks for new sellers. Check I hope it must help you to increase your sells.


what is the solution of this problem ??

Thank you for providing important links

I am also same opinion what is next.

I also want to know why nonone gives me a job to do :frowning: i have excellent skills

Marketing your gig on social media.

@ onik_wp bro, sometimes we have to leave a lot to fate. especially when we are in this field. It’s kinda like a caught fish in a pond. So keep waiting, see if the fish caught on the hook. :slightly_smiling_face:

Create attractive thumbnail and stay online.

This may helpful Impressions aren’t all that important. Here’s why:

Share your gig on social media.

The gig impressions level has decreased due to you not getting the new order. You try to get a new order for it. Make sure to place 10 Buyer Requests daily. ,Share your gig on social media. :+1:t3:

thanks for your important speech

share ur link on social media groups.
i will increase ur impressions

its good suggestion for all new users

reply all 10 buyer requests, the maximum limit of every day.
it will be helpful.

its help full thanks

keep patience success will come soon inshaallah. best of luck.

thanks, brother…

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right way is to share ur gig on social media. in groups
when many people will watch it, it will help u to increase your impressions and clicks