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My gigs aren't showing in searches after I got reported

Hello guys, so about a week earlier one of my buyers reported me and that is why Fiverr flagged me and gave me a warning.
That was totally okay by me and I was ready to move on.
But the problem is, before getting that warning, my gigs used to be on the first page and I used to get messages from new buyers every day, but now my gigs are just not showing up anywhere.
I also checked for my other gigs and even searched with my exact gig title, but still, I cannot find my gig even on the last page.
This thing has happened to all of my gigs and I have come to the conclusion that Fiverr has stopped my gigs for some reason. But when I use the “Submit a request” option and check my gig status, they say that my gigs are active and they should appear in searches.
NOW, I have come to the Fiverr forum for getting an expert opinion and to get an idea of how I can solve this problem.
And, I have also completed other orders running orders after I got the warning.
I am looking forward to knowing what you guys think about this, should I contact Fiverr support{will they ban me or something?}? should I wait for a longer time{I have been waiting for over a week}? please help me get out of this mess.
Best regards,


Fiverr does not allow the service you are offering. Your gig is likely to be removed at any time.

Check out this post: Third party TOS violation - Lead Generation

one of my buyers refunded one of my orders and I was fully cooperative with it, but I got a warning for asking him to leave a review. (from a previous topic)

Your account is at risk!

Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned!

Here is the updated “warnings” link for the above topic: Fiverr Help and Education Center for what may happen!


Hello there, Thank you for your kind response, but I think that you are wrong to some extent.
Actually, I have been flagged because one of my buyers was demanding an unfair refund, I was cooperative but he reported me anyhow. And the fact that lead generation is not banned is clear in the Fiverr TOS, and it is very easy to see that Fiverr has a specific “Lead generation” subcategory for creating gigs.
And, I do have other gigs that are not related to lead generation and Fiverr has stopped them too, and that is why I do not think that the category or topic of my gig is the problem, I think that it has more to do with what the buyer has accused me of doing, which was asking him for a review.
Please do not take this wrong way, but I disagree with your opinion.
I want to know if I should wait and let Fiverr take its time before making my gigs visible again or should I contact Fiverr support right now and ask them to look into the situation and take action to solve the problem.
I have asked for help from Fiverr support before and got the help that I needed, I just came to the forum for expert opinion on contacting again this time.


And I think that this is a way of Fiverr for to give me a short time punishment of some sort.
One of my friends got one too where he was unable to send or reply to any messages for 5 days.

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I assume your gig was found by buyers in the search results.

You have 5 active gigs.

It is up to you whether you contact Customer Support but it looks as if they will tell you the same thing as before.


Thank you for the reply, yes , my buyers did find my gig in search results.
I am thinking of waiting for a while before I report this problem.
I mean, I am a level 1 seller and I have a good reputation with the support team, but still there is just too much damage that a seller like me can take.
Thank you anyways ,

Fiverr doesn’t give warnings just because somebody reported you. They look into your conversations and give warnings only if you indeed broke fiverr rules.
If you didn’t do anything wrong and buyer reported you fiverr wouldn’t have taken any measures against you.
Just an FYI so you don’t blame everything on your buyer.

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That, I understand. Do you have any suggestions about what I should do now?